(Clearwisdom.net) From January 25, 2009, to the end of February 2009, the 610 Office in Qingdao City colluded with police officers from the Beijing Public Safety Ministry and Shandong Province 610 Office. They ordered officers from the Crime Police Division in the City North District Department, the Crime Police Division, and all stations to arrest practitioners Ms. Jing Fengli, Ms. Lu Xueqin, Mr. Zheng Xiaoqiang, Mr. Guo Zhiqiang, Mr. Xu Zhifeng, Mr. Li Quanfu, Mr. Liu Lianjun, Mr. Yin Xinxiao, Ms. Liang Lijun, Ms. Sun Liping, Mr. Xiong Xianyong, Mr. Zhang Shouwei, and Mr. Li Tao. These thirteen practitioners were illegally arrested and are still being detained. All thirteen have had confessions extorted from them by means of torture and sleep deprivation for periods of two weeks or even longer. Among them, Ms. Lu Xueqin was tortured so badly that she became disabled, and many times she was in critical condition. The families of these Dafa practitioners, with the help of nine attorneys, sued them for this.

Ms. Lu Xueqin was beaten by police officer Min Xing from the Liaoyuan Road Station and the No. 3 Criminal Police Division of City North District Department. She was beaten so badly she developed severe thrombosis and lower body paralysis. She fainted and lost consciousness many times.

Mr. Zheng Xiaoqiang was beaten by police officers from Yan'an Road, City North District Department. They used a lighter to burn his mustache and chin, also burning his chin and nose.

Mr. Liu Lianjun's teeth were beaten in by police officers from Hefei Road Station.

Mr. Yin Xinxiao was beaten by Min Xing from Liaoyuan Road Station, a police officer from the No. 3 Criminal Police Division, and police officers from Yan'an Road Station. Min Xing did not allow Mr. Yin to sleep for about twenty days.

Mr. Xu Zhifeng was beaten by Liu Jie and Wang Bo, police officers from Yan'an Road Station, City North District Department, Qingdao City.

Ms. Jing Fengli was tortured so badly she started bleeding from her lower body and developed other symptoms, including severe heart disease and low blood pressure.

The Qingdao City 610 Office made use of procurators, the courts, and other tools of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to sue Falun Gong practitioners. They would withdraw the case and then try to bring suit again without any new evidence. They withdrew some cases, divided several cases twice, and sued three times. They sued Ms. Lu Xueqin individually and the others in pairs, with every two practitioners' cases being regarded as one case. They did it this way to isolate practitioners and their attorneys. They want to avoid public exposure of the persecution and how they extracted "confessions" using torture. They want to avoid responsibility for their actions.

The nine attorneys that the thirteen practitioners hired pointed out that without any new evidence, the case could not be brought before a a court once it was withdrawn. They have co-signed the statement to sue and forwarded this to the City North District Court, Procurator, and other high level organizations and various "People's Representative Committees," as well as "Political and Judiciary Committees" from the central government to local organizations, to request that this lawsuit be dropped, that practitioners whose terms have already expired be released, and that the practitioners, who are not guilty, are released.

City North District Court, Qingdao City
CCP secretary: 86-532-83651057 (Office)
Wang Ge, judge in charge: 86-532-83651059, 86-13583297296 (Cell)

Wang Zengshi, the chief of Qingdao City 610 Office, also the deputy of CCP secretary of Qingdao City.
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Second division secretary: 86-532-85911761
610 Office: 86-532-88026627