(Clearwisdom.net) I grew up in an affluent family, and always felt that I was better than everyone else. The notion of looking down on other people had accompanied me my entire life. I always thought that being superior to other people in every aspect was truly valuable, and that being noble was valuable. Being noble, I valued such things as being Number 1 in an exam, being prettier than other people, and having a good job. I fought and strove to become an elite person among other people. If I was doing some so-called lower-level job then I preferred to not be seen by others. If I did not do well in an exam then I was not able to raise my head. When I did not look good, then I did not go out to see people. When I perceived that other people were better than me, I was very jealous. All of these notions came from the fact that I deemed myself to be more noble than other people. Being noble meant having attachments to fame, self-interest and sentimentality. In fact, by holding on to these attachments, I had turned my back on the principle of the universe, "Compassion." Being compassionate means to willingly give the best things to other people and to leave the lesser things for oneself.

From studying the Fa, I came to know that all people in today's world came from higher dimensions. I suddenly awakened to the fact that being noble was not at all important according to the Fa. Affluence was just fortune that we had accumulated from our previous lives. When I think that all the beings in today's world are representatives of remote cosmic bodies, every person I see in the streets seems extraordinary and magnificent to me. They have endured a lot so as to have the beings from their heavenly body be saved. When I start to respect these lives in the human world from the bottom of my heart, the only thing I want to do is to tell these people about the most valuable Dafa. This is because I respect these people, and I think that these people are worthy of all the glory they have earned in the human world, not like the self-credited noble "me." I was therefore able to let go of many attachments that I had hung onto for a long time. Because I am willing to share good things with others, this notion is in accordance with the principle of the universe. Thus, I felt light and worry-free like I had never felt before. My relationships with people around me became harmonized. I do not see other people's shortcomings; all I can see are the responsibilities I have assumed, and the magnificent beings that are waiting to be saved.

February 19, 2009