Solemn Declaration

In July 2002, I was illegally arrested and sentenced to three years of forced labor for distributing fliers that exposed the persecution of Falun Gong. Since I still had an attachment to time, I was hoping that my tribulation would quickly come to an end. When it didn't end as I expected it would, I found it hard to keep up my righteous thoughts.

When I was taken from the detention center to the forced labor camp, I was under an immense amount of pressure. The 610 Office personnel forced my family members to pressure me into writing a "realization letter" (critical of Falun Gong).

At that time, I had not earnestly studied the Fa and did not have strong righteous thoughts. So a lot of my attachments surfaced and contrary to my convictions, I finally wrote the "realization letter," bringing disgrace to Dafa. This most shameful page in my cultivation history causes me to deeply and sincerely repent.

I felt ashamed in the face of all that benevolent Master has done to save me. Here I make a solemn declaration: I now declare that everything that I said and did that did not conform to Dafa is void and nullified. From now on I will strictly discipline myself; rectify every thought that I have, do the three things well, double my efforts to atone for the losses that I brought to Dafa, and firmly cultivate Dafa until the very end.

Hong Yizhao on February 11, 2009


Solemn Declaration

On December 8, 2006, I was arrested by Chinese Communist Party personnel for accessing Falun Gong related websites. I was later taken to a forced labor camp for two years and suffered long-term mental and physical torture. When I reached the limits of my endurance, the guards forced me to write the "four statements," contrary to my convictions.

This has left behind a huge stain on my path of cultivation, something I deeply and bitterly regret. Solemn declaration: During my imprisonment, whatever I said, wrote, or did that did not conform to Dafa is completely void and nullified. I will firmly cultivate; do the three things well, and double my efforts to atone for the losses that I brought to Dafa.

Li Zhuozhong on February 13, 2009