Feb. 23

Falun Gong Ms. Wang Hui was arrested in February 2009. The police sentenced her two years of forced labor.

Feb. 25

Ms. Zhang was seen to be emaciated by her family after one month of detention. There are independent reports that she has been tortured in the detention center. On January 15, 2009, Ms. Zhang was seized at the home of a friend as part of the ongoing persecution.

Feb. 26

A description of the intimidation and arrest of family members attempting to attend a public trial of Falun Gong practitioners.

A disabled Falun Gong practitioner is tortured by police, then neglected and finally hospitalized. The police forced her family to pay the medical expenses.

Feb. 27

Relatives of Mr. Dong Peng saw on a February 13, 2009 visit that he was in extremely poor condition. The prison authorities have refused to release him or provide further information on his medical condition and its possible causes.

The experiences of Ms. Zhang Yinglin and others at Masamjia during the Olympic period.

Mar. 1

The forced labor labor camp uses slave labor to make counterfeit and dirty products for market at home and abroad. The prisoners wrote an open letter to tell public the horrible situation there.

Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Wang Zhongqing was arrested while walking in the street. After one year's detention, she was sentenced to four years in prison, with no one allowed to defense her. Due to the torture, she suffered a mental collapse.

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