(Clearwisdom.net) The Shibei Procuratorate and Shibei Court of Qingdao City plan to try several Falun Dafa practitioners currently incarcerated in the Dashan Detention Center in Qingdao City in the Qingdao City Intermediate Court Second Administrative Tribunal. Trials were scheduled for Mr. Li Quanfu and Mr. Guo Zhiqiang at 10:30 a.m. on March 10, Ms. Sun Liping at 11:00 a.m. on March 12, and Mr. Xu Zhifeng at 9:20 a.m. on March 13, 2009.

From January 25, 2008, to the end of February 2008, under the direction of the 610 Office, officers from the Shandong Province Public Safety Bureau and Shibei Police Department illegally arrested, detained and persecuted thirteen practitioners and their families, including Ms. Jing Fengli, Mr. Li Tao, Ms. Lu Xueqin, Mr. Zheng Xiaoqiang, Mr. Guo Zhiqiang, Mr. Xu Zhifeng, Mr. Li Quanfu, Mr. Liu Lianjun, Mr. Yin Xinxiao, Ms. Liang Lijun, Ms. Sun Liping, Mr. Xiong Xianyong, and Mr. Zhang Shouwei. All were tortured and some were deprived of sleep for fifteen days or more. Ms. Lu Xueqin was tortured until she was paralyzed and was close to death on several occasions.

The Shibei Procuratorate sued the practitioners three times under three different case numbers. The first two indictments were withdrawn during the litigation process, when the Procuratorate changed its strategy from combining thirteen practitioners in one case to taking Ms. Lu Xueqin out as a separate case and grouping together the other practitioners. This created many "separate cases" to include only one or two practitioners in each instance, for example leaving Ms. Lu Xueqin on her own, Mr. Xiong Xianyong and Mr. Zhang Shouwei in one case, Ms. Jing Fengli and Mr. Li Tao in one case, Mr. Li Quanfu and Mr. Guo Zhiqiang in one case, Mr. Xu Zhifeng on his own, and Ms. Sun Liping on her own, and so on. The total indictment process lasted nearly five months, exceeding the "legal" limit of two and a half months for the lawsuit phase. It also violated the law that states, "The Procuratorate should not re-indict and the court should not re-process a case after it is withdrawn and no new facts or evidence are identified." However, both the Procuratorate and the court went forward with their illegal actions.

While the practitioners were imprisoned, police and 610 Office staff used brutal torture to interrogate them, including depriving them of sleep. Director Liu and Yu Yongjie from the Hefei Road Police Station of the Shibei Police Department beat, kicked, and slapped the face of practitioner Mr. Li Quanfu.

Wong Bo from the Ningxia Road Police Station of the Shibei Police Department slapped practitioner Ms. Sun Liping in the face. Her face swelled so extensively that the skin split open and and she couldn't open her eyes. Ms. Lu Xueqin was beaten by Min Hang from the Liaoyuan Road Police Station and officers from the Third Team of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Shibei Police Department. The beating caused her a severe thrombus, paralysis in her lower body, and severe fibroids in her uterus. She slipped into a coma several times. Mr. Zheng Xiaoqiang was beaten by officers from the Yan'an Road Police Station of the Shibei Police Department. The police burned his mustache, chin, and nose.

Shibei City Court, Qingdao City:
Party secretary: 86-532-83651057 (Office)
Judge handling the case: Wang Ge: 86-532-83651059 (Office), 86-13583297296 (Cell)

Qingdao City 610 Office:
Section Chief Hu Wensheng: 86-13685327221 (Cell)