(Clearwisdom.net) There are many diligent practitioners in China have been doing the three things very well. Because of their righteous thoughts and actions, they seldom encounter interference. This example has enabled many practitioners, including myself, to see our own gaps. As a result, we are able to step forward and do better in truth-clarification. However, some practitioners still fail to do enough truth clarification. How can they accomplish their mission as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples?

I know a lady, in her 50s, who takes her grandson out with her every day to "clarify the facts." She is able to persuade 70-100 people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations on a daily basis. I have seen her clarify the facts many times and have often been moved to tears. Once I saw her at a street fair; she was pushing a bike with her grandson sitting on it. There were many people at the fair, and she kept clarifying the facts to everyone she met. In no more than 10 minutes, she clarified the facts to five people, and three of them agreed to quit the CCP. Then she saw several teenage boys approach. She gave her bike and grandson to me and rushed to catch up with them. She didn't return until she got all of them to quit the CCP's associated organizations. Even before I had a chance to talk to her, she was busying chasing down several girls to clarify the facts to.

The stories about this practitioner are endless. I know that she often forgets to eat when doing truth-clarification work. In order to have more sentient beings listen to the facts, she often intentionally takes her grandson to eat at different restaurants. Last winter I saw her clarifying the facts on the street. It was after 1:00 p.m., but she and her grandson still didn't get a chance to have lunch. It was a very windy and chilly day. Seeing the little child on the bike, I almost cried.

This practitioner's grandson is no ordinary child, though. He was barely one when his grandma took him out to clarify the facts for the first time. He is a healthy, lovely little boy. When he first started talking, he would raise the amulet(1) in his palm and say, for example, "Auntie, this is for you! Falun Dafa is good!" When someone declined to take it, he would repeat the offer over and over again, "Auntie, this is for you!" Once a woman refused to take the amulet, even after he had tried several times, and impatiently pushed away his little hand. He was just a bit over two at the time. Faced with such rejection, he didn't cry at all; instead, he was very calm and poised. Another time he and Grandma clarified the facts on a bus. A young woman hesitated when asked to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. The little boy then held her hand and said to her, "Auntie, did you hear that? Quit, please!" The young lady was very moved, "Okay, okay! I'll quit! You little cutie, you are so adorable!"

Compared with this practitioner, some elderly practitioners are lax in their Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts. When it comes to truth-clarification work, they do even less. All they think about is how to live a comfortable non-practitioner's life; they don't even make time to read "Minghui Weekly." Some of them have said they have to take care of their grandchildren and don't have time to clarify the facts. Then why is the above-mentioned practitioner doing so well? Her grandson is such a wonderful little disciple. We can thank his grandma's guidance in his cultivation. At the same time, this little boy also helps his grandma do better in truth-clarification. Both grandma and grandson are establishing mighty virtue.

As I see it, it is selfishness that has hindered some practitioners from stepping forward to clarify the facts. If they can't walk out of their selfishness, aren't they still everyday people?


(1) Amulets -- In China, practitioners sometimes clarify the truth by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.