(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts' fifth show in Kaohsiung won the audience's hearts on March 15, 2009. Some audience members had seen the show for two or three years in a row. After watching the show, many were very excited and stayed to share their thoughts with the reporter.

Audience members stayed to express their admiration after the watching the show

Former Presidential Advisor: So Spectacular

During the intermission, Mr. Zhou Pingde, a columnist for Southnews.com.tw and former presidential advisor, said, "There are so many things that have touched my heart. The dance movements were so beautiful and spectacular. It's really remarkable. The dances were presented with such unity. The content and spiritual meaning of the performances was all very good. It's hard to describe it with words."

Mr. Zhou Pingde, former presidential advisor

He continued, "I invited many friends to come see the show, and it was indeed a magnificent show. The strength and the beauty, and the handsome men and beautiful ladies--they were so beautiful that they were beyond description. They were really divine beauties. The design of the music and stage backdrop reflected the unity of the heavens and man, and the creation of that unity is really something divine.

"In the show there were many different cultures, including that of the Tang Dynasty and different ethnic groups. It was very meaningful, and I marveled at every segment of the show. The performance was really good and amazing. Other dance performances do not have this kind of divine message. This is something I have never seen before. The choreographers are simply remarkable."

Mr. Zhou was especially impressed by the dance, "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution." He commented, "Now there is no ancient traditional Chinese culture in Mainland China and there is no concept of it either. The regime controls people's minds and does not give its people the freedom to think, to have legal power, or to have their religion. It's a pity that Shen Yun cannot perform in China."

Mr. Zhou is very active in the political community. He used to be the director of the Kaohsiung Chinese Medicine Association and a well-known talk show guest.

Dean of Dance Institute: Cleanses the Soul and Mind

Ms. Lai Lingyin is a dance teacher for the Taiwanese Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, director of United Kingdom Royal Dance Teacher's Association, and director of the International Cecchetti Ballet in Taiwan. She was very impressed by Shen Yun's performance and said, "I felt very good. The music was integrated well with the dance. The performers and the arrangement of the performance were just perfect. The show demonstrated the unity between Gods and man. I think it has done a good job in pointing people in the right direction by cleansing their soul and mind."

Ms. Lai Lingyin, dance teacher and dean of dance institute

She continued, "The stories in the show were perfectly presented. The show integrated music, art, and dance, and touched people's hearts. It was particularly excellent in promoting Chinese culture and inspiring people's mind. The dances were very beautiful and were capable of calming one's mind. The effect was very good.

"Each number had different special features. Chinese culture has special characteristics, including elements of Gods and Buddhas, and this was shown in performances such as 'Monk Ji Gong,' which cleansed our minds and give us the right direction."

She added, "The power and the beauty illustrated by Shen Yun, the strength demonstrated by the male performers, and the beauty of the female performers, fully represents our traditional Chinese culture. The arrangement of the program was systematic and organized, yet it was so moving. It is just so precious that overseas Chinese people are capable of fully demonstrating our Chinese dance.

"I've been teaching dance overseas and I've visited many countries. The performers of Shen Yun are overseas Chinese people, and it is just so wonderful that they can dance like that. They have have done an excellent job of presenting the Chinese culture and classical beauty. The integration of strength and beauty in the performance was just so beautiful."

Painter: Delighted One's Spirit

Painter Li Jingfa saw Shen Yun's performance for the first time and enjoyed it very much. He commented, "Shen Yun is nobility: noble and classic. The visual effect of the stage was rich and ample and gave an in-depth interpretation of Chinese culture. The body language in the dances was very good and soft. I was very moved. I especially like 'The Poet's Vision' with the heavenly beauties flying to the heavens. It was fantastic."

Mr. Li Jingfa, well-known painter

He continued, "The color coordination of the costumes was rich and deep. The dancers' flexibility and body language were so good and skillful, and the change in formation of the dances integrated so perfectly with the stage backdrop. This is the first time I have come to see a performance of this high caliber."

Mr. Li is currently the director of the Kaohsiung City Painting Arts Alliance, and he has won many awards for his work.

Director of Dance Troupe: Shen Yun is the Soul of Classical Chinese Dance

Ms. Sun Yifen, director of Xiongyi Dance Troupe, also saw Shen Yun's performance last year and was moved by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance expressed in the show. She commented, "The performance was very good, like last year's performance. I enjoyed the integration of the stage animation and dance. It was wonderful and very real."

Ms. Sun Yifen, director of Xiongyi Dance Troupe

She added, "Shen Yun has become the soul of classical Chinese dance. It think it is the soul of the arts at the highest realm."

Former IBM Consultant: Sending a Very Kind Message

Mr. Tang Lide, former consultant for IBM, Mercedes-Benz, and Chrysler, went to see the show with his mother. Mr. Tang said, "The show was very different. It incorporated the essence of Chinese culture with new Western ideas, and sent a very good and kind message. I felt very comfortable after watching the show. The high-tech big screen was very successful and I liked it very much. I'll definitely bring my father to see the show next year."

Mr. Tang's mother also loved the show and commented, "This is my first time seeing the show, and it was very good. I felt very good after watching the show."

Former Chief of Government Information Office: Hope Shen Yun Will Perform in China

Mr. Yao Wen-chih, former Chief of the Government Information Office, shared his views on Shen Yun, "Although in terms of culture, Taiwan and China share the same origin, because of political differences, the Chinese Communist regime has cast a shadow in Taiwanese minds when it comes to recognizing Chinese culture. Shen Yun's performance, the beautiful dance, the vocalists' vibrant voices can motivate many people to understand the true Chinese culture."

Mr. Yao Wen-chih, former Chief of the Government Information Office

Mr. Yao added one final comment: "I hope Shen Yun can visit and perform in China and encourage people in different areas to head toward a good and kind lifestyle."

Mainland Chinese: Shen Yun Lets Us Understand the Truth

Four ladies who were originally from mainland China and have lived in Taiwan for more than ten years expressed their appreciation for Shen Yun's performance.

Ms. Cai, Ms. Qiu, and Ms. Yu all said, "It was so great! Perfect. The songs and music were so compatible. It was mind-stirring to be able to see a performance of this high caliber in Taiwan."

They all agreed, "We especially like the last number, 'Knowing the True Picture Offers Ultimate Hope,' which helped us understand the truth about Falun Gong. People in Mainland China actually do not understand it very much. It is good and positive as long as you are doing something good. We hope that we can become more tolerant of people of any background or religion."