(Clearwisdom.net) The third show of Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company in Kaohsiung was on the evening of March 14, 2009. It was a full house, and the performance received praise from people in different fields. Some audience members have come to the show for three consecutive years, and could not stop praising the high standards of Shen Yun's new programs every year. Mr. You Hong, former president of the Southern Taiwan Joint Service Center of the Executive Yuan, wrote poems to express his love and admiration of the Shen Yun show.

The audience praised the perfection of the Shen Yun show

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the Shen Yun show

All seven of the Shen Yun shows during the five days in Kaohsiung were sold out ahead of time. However, many additional people still came after hearing good words about Shen Yun, and searched for tickets everywhere. Staff told them that their only chance of seeing the show was if some people couldn't come and would sell their tickets. Tickets were very difficult to find. There are many touching stories of finding tickets.

In the evening of March 13, when the third program "The Udumbara's Bloom" was on stage, a gentleman came from Chiayi and said that one of his friends who saw the show recommended that he must see it, and asked the staff to help him find a ticket. It happened that a ticket holder could not come for some reason, and this gentleman got that ticket and went to see the show. After the show ended, he went to the box office and said, "The show is terrific! Do you still have tickets for later performances? I want to watch the whole show from the very beginning!"

A lady checked with the box office during intermission, "I saw a wheelchair area in the theater. Do you have any wheelchair area tickets left? I want to buy one for my Mom who is in a wheelchair."

Former Official of the Executive Yuan: Shen Yun touches people's hearts and is a beacon light for the Chinese

Mr. You Hong, former president of the Southern Taiwan Joint Service Center of the Executive Yuan, came to the Shen Yun show for the third consecutive year. After attending the show on the evening of March 14, he wrote down his feelings, highly praising the Shen Yun performance.

Mr. You Hong, former president of the Southern Taiwan Joint Service Center of the Executive Yuan

Shen Yun has toured in Taiwan for the third year now, and Mr. You Hong has come every year. He emphasized, "Shen Yun programs are original, all the dancers touch people's hearts. They have very excellent dance training. The whole program is very well arranged. The spirit of Shen Yun passes along traditional Chinese culture. We are all very supportive, and we are deeply touched. Shen Yun touches our hearts every year, and the number of shows increases every year, really making us Chinese feel very proud."

He said, "Shen Yun has creative and original dancing and vocal programs, as brilliant as before. I wish you all the best, you are the beacon light for Chinese."

He mentioned specifically "Persecuted on a Sacred Path" and expressed his feeling with a short poem: "Falun spins divinely, strong and steady, touches people's hearts, and gains firm support, Taiwan loves you."

After the second half of the show ended, Mr. You Hong stepped out of the theater. He wrote another poem to express his feelings: "Chinese government is good at making shows, and fooled Taiwan audience, Falun Gong shows miracles, reveals the truth easily."

Director of Public Labor: People's hearts feel very righteous

On March 14, 2009, Wu Hungmou, director of public labor from Kaohisung City, attended the third Shen Yun show in Kaohsiung County. During intermission, Mr. Wu said, "Wow! The pieces are fantastic, very good!" He also said to the sponsor group, "Next year if Shen Yun can come, we always welcome Shen Yun to Kaohsiung City. If there is any difficulty in finding a venue or you need help, please come to see me."

Wu Hungmou, director of public labor of Kaohisung City

Mr. Wu highly praised the Shen Yun programs. He said, "Multiculturalism was blended into the performance. It encouraged people to be compassionate. The choreography was amazing. While watching Shen Yun, I realized that the performance flowed very smoothly. The dance, the costumes, the cooperation behind and on stage, the singing, the music, and the beautiful scenery were all absolutely amazing."

Mr. Wu said he was very impressed by many programs, especially "Persecuted on a Sacred Path."

Mr. Wu said that he particularly wants Shen Yun to come to Kaohsiung City again, because "Shen Yun's performance embodied laughter and stirred the heart. The overall effect urged people to be kind. It was very upright, bright and joyful. It let people's hearts feel very righteous."

Chair of Kaohsiung City Exemplary Father Association: It surpassed my imagination of the show. It is amazing!

After seeing the Shen Yun show, Mr. Chen Rongjie, chair of the Kaohsiung City Exemplary Father Association, director of Kaohsiung City Ethics Education Association, and founder of the Chinese Medicine Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, highly praised the show and said, "After watching this touching, educational, and perfect show, I will remember it for my entire life! The Shen Yun show promotes the genuine virtue of traditional Chinese culture. It is truly a miracle for generations!"

After watching the Shen Yun show, Mr. Chen Rongjie, chair of the Kaohsiung City Exemplary Father Association, director of Kaohsiung City Ethics Education Association, and founder of the Chinese Medicine Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China, highly praised the show

After a recommendation by a friend, Mr. Chen Rongjie, accompanied by his wife, attended the Shen Yun show. The show was even better than what he had imagined. He said excitedly, "It was wonderful, eye-opening, and very touching." He continued, "It way surpassed my previous imagination. It was amazing! The Shen Yun combined humans and the heavens, demonstrated the divine world very delicately and in detail. It is very helpful to promote the standard of human morality in the world."

He expressed, "Each and every program in the show was a big surprise to me. I almost forgot who I was and felt that I was in a beautiful divine world. It was amazing. The dances, costumes, and backdrops are very interesting and unique. It looks like heaven. It is like the Chinese saying, 'The poem draws images and the drawing contains poetry'. The Shen Yun's show made me feel that its effect is circling the beams for three days after the show. It was really a most memorable moment."

He continued, "I will never forget this day because I have watched the top-class performance of the world. I feel that I am so lucky to have this opportunity to see such a show that contains deep meaning about traditional divine culture. I will come to see the show again the next time they come. I will ask my relatives and friends to come to see the show, too."

Dr. Chen Yang-yi, Dean of the College of Marine Science at the Sun Yat-Sun University: Super performance that combines humans and heavens

Dr. Chen Yang-yi, professor and former dean of the college of marine science at the Sun Yat-Sun University, attended the Shen Yun show on March 14. After seeing the show, he said this year's show was even more touching. "It was a superb show," he said, "I want to say that the Shen Yun show demonstrates the combination of the good side of human beings and nature. It contains the heavens, earth, material, and scenery. How people deal with each other, how our hearts communicate with each other. It demonstrates all of these. Therefore, I felt the show very touching. It is even more touching than last year's show."

Dr. Chen Yang-yi, professor and dean of the College of Marine Science at Sun Yat-Sun University

Dr. Chen Yang-yi praised the Shen Yun show for its manifestation of deeper meaning of the divine traditional Chinese culture of over five thousand years. He said that the Shen Yun show presents a legend of divine beings coming down to the human world to start human civilization, the civilization of each dynasty, and how paper and pen were originated. The show describes the life of the great poet Li Bai and his wisdom. The spirit of saving people displayed by the kind monk Jigong was also described and performed very well in the show.

"The entire show contains astronomy, geography, human civilization, natural environment, characteristics of mountains, and lifestyles. The show demonstrates nature which contains warmth, gentleness and beauty and all these merged in the human heart. The show also presents endless and immense Mongolian grasslands, beautiful scenic Yi ethnic tribal vistas, the Tibetan Plateau and the beautiful southern China scenery with various flowers blooming. I'd say that the Shen Yun show is superb."

Dr. Chen Yang-yi talked about the last program of the show, "Knowing the True Picture Offers Ultimate Hope" which included modern high-tech backdrops. He said that was a very superb way to present the program and very touching. He explained his understanding of the program, "That law wheel is rotating in the sky, which coincides with our cosmic physics. Cosmic physics talked about myths and legends as Pangu creating Heaven and Earth, which was the beginning of everything. At that beginning state, something began to form little by little and then gradually it formed the solar system, and there is the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. Then, it became a harmonious balance, human being's balance, the balance of heaven and earth, the balance of culture, life and everything. It is really very scientific and logical."

Dr. Chen Yang-yi, who was an overseas student in France, said the Shen Yun show is better than Austrian Opera. He felt proud to be Chinese. Especially when the show presents divine beings coming down to the human world to save sentient beings, which he said was very touching. Modern people are likely to pursue personal gains and benefits and throw away such good traditional culture.

In the end he said, "It's a pity that mainland China does not allow Shen Yun performances. This is very pitiful. I hope one day in the future Shen Yun can perform in mainland China. That's why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is afraid of Shen Yun, because the show touches people's hearts."

A Chinese from Mainland China: I feel lucky to be able to see the Shen Yun show

Ms. Zhang, who came from mainland China to Taiwan to visit her relative, was accompanied by her daughter at the Shen Yun show on the evening of March 14. Mrs. Zhang said excitedly, "It is wonderful. I can't see such a good show in mainland China. I feel very lucky to see such high-level performance. I feel so lucky. It is a pleasure to watch the show!"

Ms. Zhang said happily, "I love this show so much. The background design is very beautiful. I look forward to the scenes of mountains, waters, and the countryside views. I almost forgot where I was. It is a great show. The performers have very high-level techniques. I have never seen such an excellent show in China. Everything is perfect, the costumes, music, backdrops, and the performers!"

This is Ms. Zhang's first time coming to Taiwan. She said, "I feel very happy to breathe free air here. Taiwanese are very nice and kind people."

Xiao Fen (pen name), Ms. Zhang's daughter, who married a Taiwanese ten years ago, continued, "The Shen Yun show is very good. This is my second time seeing it. It is very touching. The backdrop combines dancing, divine beings, fairy ladies coming down from heaven, and the animated characters became real persons on the stage. The timing is designed so well and it is really amazing! I wonder how they can design everything so perfectly."

Xiao Fen said the Shen Yun show presented Chinese cultural history of over five thousand years. The show contains Han, Tibetan, Mongolian and other traditions, and it shows a strong and clear comparison of how culture is being preserved in Taiwan verses China. Taiwan has kept and carried on many aspects of excellent traditional Chinese culture, but China has damaged most of that.

She sighed, "The Shen Yun show has combined different colors, costumes, and music, plus the dancers' performing skills. This show is a great pleasure. It feels like I have gone to the divine world."

Xiao Fen also talked about the program, "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution." She said, "It is a very touching story. I felt very sad while I was watching it." Ms. Zhang continued, "Such a good show is not allowed in China. It is really a pity!"

Xiao Fen said, "Because the Shen Yun show presents from the artistic standpoint how the CCP is persecuting Falun Gong, that's why China doesn't allow it to perform in China. In other countries around the world, people have freedom of belief. People treat each other with honesty. I know what is kind and evil, and what is good and bad."

She continued, "In China, people don't have basic human rights. Falun Gong practitioners are being arrested, pressured, and persecuted. In Taiwan, I feel relaxed. I can say whatever I want to say, and I can believe whatever I want to believe. I am breathing the fresh air. That is absolutely impossible in mainland China."

Ms. Zhang emphasized at the end that she felt that the Shen Yun show was a gift from heaven that she could watch with her daughter. She reiterated that the Taiwanese are very kind people. She expressed hope that she could see the show again next year and bring both her relatives in China and in Taiwan to watch.