(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang (alias) was arrested by the Communist regime in 2003 and forced to serve a prison term of 5 years. As soon as this practitioner was detained in prison, guards instigated one inmate to force him to write a Guarantee Statement, but Mr. Wang refused. The inmate told him that all the practitioners had written this statement according to the requirement of the team. Mr. Wang said, "It will not work to force others to give up their belief. Our Master has given us good health and taught us to be good people and compassionate to others. How great my Master is! You persecute me under the orders of the guard, but it will not be fortunate for you. I have no hatred for you. If you do so you are creating karma for yourself." This inmate understood the facts. Later he helped sneak in Dafa books to Mr. Wang.

A guard took care of Mr. Wang relatively well. One year later this guard was promoted two ranks up. Mr. Wang told him, "My Master promoted you because you were compassionate to Falun Gong practitioners." Another guard who took over the above-mentioned guard's position talked to Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang told him that as long as he treats Dafa and practitioners well he will also receive good fortune.

Several practitioners were transferred to this prison in 2006. Their family members did not know their whereabouts and the authority of the prison did not allow them to make phone calls to their families. During that time, the information about the organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners was exposed. Mr. Wang contacted these practitioners and got their phone numbers. Guards found out and detained him in a solitary confinement cell for four days. They forced him to sit on a one-inch-wide bench and did not allow him to sleep. Mr. Wang said to the guards, "I know you are afraid that I have their phone numbers." The guard asked, "What are you going to do with these phone numbers?" Mr. Wang replied that he intended to call their family members to ask them to bring some money for them. These practitioners were very weak from being persecuted. Later, the authority of the prison allowed these practitioners who were transferred there to make phone calls to their families.

Once, Mr. Wang suffered a very severe sickness. The guard took him to the cell where the criminals who were also suffering severe sicknesses were detained. He told them, "If you believe my Master and recite, Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, you will be saved." One criminal was suffering from severe diarrhea and believed what this practitioner told him. The next day he recovered. He told Mr. Wang, "Dafa is so miraculous and so good. When I started to recite, 'Falun Dafa is good,' I still felt pain and then the more I recited the more I felt pain. I insisted on reciting 'Falun Dafa is good' and then after a few minutes the pain disappeared completely." Mr. Wang smiled and said that he had righteous thoughts.

Many practitioners were detained and persecuted and separated from other practitioners. Master told us,

"In order to completely eliminate the persecution of Dafa disciples by the dark minions, rotten demons, and old forces, all Dafa disciples around the world--particularly the Dafa disciples in each region of mainland China--are to concertedly send righteous thoughts toward those evil places, thoroughly dissolving all evil beings and elements that persecute Dafa disciples, clearing away the evil circumstances under which Dafa disciples are persecuted in mainland China, and saving the world's people, [thereby] fulfilling the duties of a Dafa disciple and advancing toward godhood." ("Thoroughly Dissolve the Evil" in 2006)