(Clearwisdom.net) Some fellow practitioners have an incorrect notion: they think that it's unnecessary to further clarify the facts to people who have already heard and know the truth. Maybe we gave someone several flyers or DVDs, but these materials did not necessarily inform that person thoroughly about the facts. Everyone is influenced by their own circumstances, inborn quality, and level; therefore, the extent of each person's acceptance of the truth is different, which is difficult to estimate. Therefore, it's not easy to save a person even after clarifying the facts thoroughly. Even we, as Dafa practitioners, still need to cleanse ourselves while in this ordinary human society, lest one will drift with the current, not to mention an everyday person. Actually, when we constantly clarify the facts to a person, he or she will have a deeper understanding, hold a firm belief, and even pass on the facts to people around him or her. That person will more or less influence others and play a positive role. Therefore, Dafa practitioners shouldn't neglect clarifying the facts to people who have already heard the truth, thus constantly enlarging the righteous field, which is of material existence. As a result, the effect will be much better. Teacher said,

"Doing a better job of informing people about the facts more deeply is tied to the people of the future obtaining the Fa, tied to all beings being rescued, tied to negating the old forces, tied to eliminating the evil and this persecution, and tied to your own Consummation." (from "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Fa Conference")