(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Lianjun, who came from the Taipingdi Village of Taipingdi Township, Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia went to Tsinghua University to study in 1995. After following Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, he gained deeper spiritual insight. After the Chinese Communist Party started to persecute Falun Gong, he was tortured to paralysis by the Beijing City National Security Team, and has since been bedridden in the Inner Mongolia No. 4 Jail for almost five years. The jail refused to release him and claimed that they had orders from above.

When the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, he went to appeal and clarified the truth about Dafa several times. He was arrested several times, and he had no fixed residence. After he went back to Chifeng City, he could not find a job. In 2003, he lost contact with his family.

One day in August 2003, Mr. Zhang Lianjun's family suddenly received a phone-call from the Beijing City National Security Team, saying that Mr. Zhang Lianjun's head was seriously injured after he was arrested in January. He needed surgery. They wanted his family to go to the Hospital of the Beijing Public Security Bureau to put their signature on the hospital forms. When his parents rushed to Beijing, the staff of the National Security Team said instead that the surgery had been completed and was very successful. However they did not allow his parents to see him. His parents were very concerned about his safety. They strongly demanded to see their son, but were refused and given different excuses.

Since they could not get any information about Mr. Zhang Lianjun, in April 2004, his father went to the Beijing National Security Team to ask for a visit when he was informed that his son had been sentenced to eight years of imprisonment. He was very worried about his son's physical situation after the surgery, so again he strongly demanded to see his son. However, he was refused all the same with different excuses.

In May 2004, the police from Beijing drove Mr. Zhang Lianjun to the Inner Mongolia No. 4 Jail in Chifeng City. After the police pulled him from the vehicle, four prisoners carried Mr. Zhang Lianjun upstairs. The witnesses said that several people from the Beijing National Security Team carried him from the vehicle and threw him to the floor before they drove away.

It is likely that Mr. Zhang Lianjun was paralyzed, he suffered from incontinence, he was unable to eat, unable to speak, and his eyes were slow in turning. When he saw people, he had a dull expression on his face.

The moment he was carried to the No. 4 Jail cells, he was put under strict supervision. There were people specifically in charge of him. Every day, there are three shifts of prisoners supervising him, and for each shift, there are three prisoners who are in charge of recording and feeding him. The news is severely blocked. No Dafa practitioners are allowed to contact or visit him.

Mr. Zhang Lianjun lay in bed, with his lower body naked. When they fed him, the prisoner had to put the rice to touch his mouth until he opened it. When the food was put into his mouth, it took him a long time to swallow it. They could only feed him several bites at a time. All over his body, he had bedsores. In the morning, there are people who bring out his wet bed covers to dry. In the day time, sometimes he is completely naked, sometimes he is covered with a piece of cloth, sometimes he was covered with a blanket. He himself has no way to respond or protect himself. Sometimes there are prisoners who torment him, playing with his penis, so as to make fun for the prison guards.

After more than one month at the No. 4 Jail, Mr. Zhang Lianjun started to refuse the food, refusing to take the food when they fed him. The No. 4 Jail and the Chifeng 610 Office (an illegal organization set up by Jiang Zemin specifically to persecute Falun Gong), in consultation with their supervisors decided to have Mr. Zhang Lianjun's family visit him in order to force him to eat. The Taipingdi Village Police Station of Songshan District worked together with the local police to tell Mr. Zhang Lianjun's family on July 16, 2004 that Mr. Zhang Lianjun was sent back to the Chifeng No. 4 Jail and he has been paralyzed and they wanted his family to go and visit him.

On July 20, his family went to the Chifeng to visit Mr. Zhang Lianjun. His parents saw him lying paralyzed on the bed. No matter how they shook him, cried and talked him, asked him questions, Mr. Zhang Lianjun did not have a facial expression of a normal person. He could not move his arms and legs, lying there inactively. His parents were in tears when they saw him, and his younger sister burst into tears. His whole family was enveloped in extreme sadness.

His parents asked for permission to bail him out so that he could receive treatment. The jail did not allow it. Instead they asked the family to give the money to the No. 4 Jail so that they could give him treatment and his family were allowed to supply medicine.

The measures they took to supervise Mr. Zhang Lianjun include: disallowing people inside the jail to see him, blocking the information and claiming to the outside that he injured his head himself, and recording Mr. Zhang Lianjun's daily situation. Since Mr. Zhang Lianjun is very weak, and can hardly move, those who supervise him are asked to keep a close eye on him. Even when he opens his mouth or eye, it has to be recorded with the time.

The heads of the team where Mr. Zhang Lianjun is detained include: team leader Zeng Fanwen and associate team leader En Ketu. The policemen of the Chifeng No. 4 Jail Division who persecute Falun Gong include Qian Youcun, Liu Gang (who has been transferred to the Huhehaote Women's Jail), Chen Jianing, Zhang Shujun and Ge Yanmi etc.

Here we strongly call for Mr. Zhang Lianjun's unconditional release, an investigation on the offenders and compensation for his losses.

The main staff of the Chifeng Jail, Inner Mongolia:
The Chief of the Jail: Kang Zhengxing: 86-476-8421866(Office), 86-13847646677(Cell)
Political Commissioner, Duan Xinwen: 86-476-8424498(Office), 86-476-8441899(Home), 86-13704760103(Cell)

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