(Clearwisdom.net) On December 23, 2008, I went to Falun Gong practitioner Yuan Yuqin's home. At around 3 p.m., someone knocked on the door. Yuqin opened the door and five or six policemen came in. Some of them started to ransack the room. Yuqin stopped them. A policeman asked my name and where I lived. I did not answer. They illegally arrested us and took us to a police station. We found that several policemen and two police cars were outside Yuan Yuqin's home.

After we arrived at Xinhua Rd. Police Station, a policeman recognized me. Another policeman wanted to make a routine statement and asked my name. I answered with, "What is your name?" He said, "I won't tell you. I know that you want to expose my name on the internet!" At this moment, my personal information was found and displayed on a computer monitor. He asked me when my birthday was. I answered, "The answer is on the screen!" He said, "I am asking you." I kept my mouth shut. He said, "If you don't answer me, I will tear your clothing off and put you outside in freezing weather. I don't believe that you could still keep your mouth shut." After he finished writing, he requested my signature. I refused.

Another policeman wrote some words on a board. On the upper part of the board, "Xinhua Rd. Police Station" was written and my name was in the middle. He asked me to hold the board to take a picture. I told him that I was pretty old and I didn't want to take a picture. If I do, I have a camera at home and I will take pictures at home. He knew that I wouldn't cooperate with him and started to take my picture without my agreement. Initially, I tried to avoid it by moving. Later, I just faced the wall so that he could not take my picture any more.

They sent us to a hospital for an examination; Yuan and I refused their arrangement. A policeman said, "Go take the exam. If you have diseases, you can be released." I told him, "I have been practicing Falun Gong for more than 10 years. I have not had a pill or visited a hospital since starting the practice. I have no disease and no need for an examination." Because we did not cooperate with them, they could not obtain a certification from the hospital. At that moment, a policeman bribed a doctor with money. Yuan saw it and took back the money. The policemen could not handle the situation and called their boss for help.

After they finished talking with their boss, they went to find the doctor again and asked me to have the examination. I did not move. They forcibly pulled me into the examination room. I escaped from their hands and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Many patients came out of their rooms. Two policemen, two policewomen, and the doctor dragged me to the bed in the examination room. I resisted by falling down to the ground. They lifted me back up to the bed. In order to take off my pants, they pulled my down jacket upward, so that my face was covered by the jacket. I was almost choked. I rolled over and fell down again. This time I tightly held a leg of the bed. They did not stop until I spilled a bucket of water in the room and water was all over the floor.

They were later ordered to take us back to the police station. Yuan Yuqin and I sat on a backless stool for a whole night. We were released the next day.