(Clearwisdom.net) I have cultivated Falun Dafa for 12 years. Under Teacher's benevolent care and protection and with my fellow practitioners' help and support, I have made it to the cultivation state I am at today through many hardships and cherished moments. I don't want to go into details since I think every Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple has had similar experiences. Today, I want to share a small incident that shocked me deeply.

In early 2008, some practitioners in our region were arrested. We sent forth righteous thoughts, clarified the truth to the corresponding government authorities, and assisted the arrested practitioners' families in requesting the practitioners' release. Since we are farmers, we also helped the arrested practitioners with their farm work. One day, while we were working on the farm, some practitioners sang several Dafa songs. Though their voices were not loud, the songs echoed in the fields, along the hills, and in my heart.

A practitioner asked me, "Why don't you sing along with us?" I said, "I can't sing. I don't have a musical background and I can't sing in tune; so I don't sing in public." The practitioner then recited the lyrics and said, "That's not right. Why do you think that you can't sing? Why do you think that you lack musical talent? Don't forget that you are a Dafa disciple. There is nothing you cannot do! If you want to sing, you will be able to sing. And you will be able to sing well. Non-practitioners do things with their hands, but Dafa disciples do things with their hearts." I was not familiar with their songs, so I decided that when I got home I would listen to the songs and learn to sing them.

I found the music VCD at home, listened to it, and learned the lyrics to the songs. After I memorized the lyrics and sang along with the VCD a few times, tears came into my eyes. I found every word that I sang was the same as the practitioner had sung, with full affection, full concentration, and high quality. At that moment, every word was a shock to me, to my body, and to my soul. The shock went to the origin of my life. Cries repeatedly came from the origin of my life to my numb-for-so-long heart, "Come back! Come back!" I sobbed.

I cannot describe what I was feeling at that moment, I just felt that the crying came from the place where my original life had been created and from the original source of the most micro-level of my life. My sleeping heart was awakened! At that moment, I said to Teacher, "Nothing in the human world is important any more. Teacher, please be assured that I will return to my origin."

At first, I just wanted to write about my experience and share my feelings. While writing, I realized what that practitioner had pointed out to me: "Don't forget that we are Dafa disciples. We are walking on the path of godhood. There is nothing that we can't do as long as we do it with our hearts." For everything and at all times, if we always do things whole heartedly, will this persecution still exist? Will fellow practitioners still be arrested and tortured? Let's try hard to improve our hearts, so that the persecution of Falun Gong will end soon.

February 12, 2009