(Clearwisdom.net) On March 5, 2009, the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group (www.falunhr.org) submitted "The Beijing 2008 Olympics Persecution 10,194 Case Records" to the United Nations and each country's government. This list recorded those who became victims during the Beijing Olympics season, strong evidence exposing how the Chinese Communist regime escalated its human rights violations under the cover of "Olympic security."

People know that one of the promises the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) made to the West was to improve its human rights in return for hosting the Olympics. Nonetheless the CCP turned around and used the Olympics as an excuse to intensify its bloody suppression. The victims have included Falun Gong practitioners, people appealing on behalf of personal causes, and human rights activists. Among these, Falun Gong practitioners have suffered the brunt of the onslaught. Their homes have been ransacked, and they have been arrested, detained, tortured, and even killed. The persecution perpetrated under the pretext of the Olympics has been a huge human rights disaster.

While limiting access to information, the CCP bribed foreigners with financial benefits and mislead mainstream media unclear about this disaster to influence democratic countries. Fortunately, some people who seek justice have been closely monitoring the persecution, and many human rights organizations have requested thorough investigations. But, they lack strong and supportive evidence. This list of 10,194 is truly damning evidence. The United Nations and other countries' human rights organizations' will now be able to show how the CCP carried out its persecution under the guise of the Olympics.

The conclusion of the Records (Open Letter) states: "Only the number of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted has exceeded ten thousand, many beaten to death within several hours of their arrest. Because of the information blockade, the true situation is much worse."

This open letter also pointed out that in April 2007, the public safety ministry issued a secret document listing Falun Gong as one of the eleven groups to be strictly monitored and forbidden to participate at the Olympics. From June 2007 through when the Olympics ended in 2008, and beyond, the CCP continued arresting Falun Gong practitioners from their workplaces and from their homes, from their school dorms and classrooms. "It would have been impossible for them to threaten the Olympics from where they were. 'Ensure the safety of the Olympics' was only an excuse to further persecute Falun Gong."

This list only included the time period from late July 2007 to August 24, 2008, when the Olympics ended, when in fact, the persecution lasted until the end of the Special Olympics, September 22, 2008, and beyond. The detained practitioners received heavy sentences.

We want to emphasize that in no way can this list accurately reflect the degree of the persecution. Due to the restrictions on freedom of information and carpet style persecution, many arrests that were revealed after October 2008 were not included in the list because all names were compiled before the beginning of September 2008. Some reports only contain estimated numbers. For instance, "on December 29, 2007, many practitioners' homes were ransacked in Aksu City, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region," "During the 17th Congress period in 2007, more than a dozen practitioners were arrested in Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province, but only seven names were revealed (http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2007/12/31/169363.html). Because of the vagueness of the numbers, the number of practitioners can't be accurately calculated or listed.

Other examples include reports that could not be posted on the Clearwisdom website, such as "Secret Arrests I Recorded on Beijing Street." Someone discovered that "she," surname Li, was a Falun Gong practitioner from the Northeast region and was arrested on April 24, 2008. Before the witness had the chance to upload this information on the Clearwisdom website, he himself was arrested. Another Falun Gong practitioner witnessed police arresting several out-of-town practitioners from the Fuyuanmen Area in the Haidian District of Beijing, but failed to post this information on the Clearwisdom website. None of these victims were included on this list.

The list of victims' names collected by the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group has been carefully compiled for accuracy. Practitioners in Mainland China risked their lives in order to send the information overseas. We deleted possible duplicate reports, but some practitioners were repeatedly arrested and detained during this time period, which is a phenomenon of the CCP persecution. In order to reflect the accuracy of the situation, we recorded these repeated arrests by times (per person).

The open letter specifically pointed out, "The information collected in this report is very hard to get, and many risked their lives and made great sacrifices to pass on this information. If this data can awaken those who have refused to listen to human rights calls or those officials who went to the Beijing Olympics, and make them rethink which side they want to stand on in history, then these sacrifices will be worthwhile."

The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group has submitted this report to the United Nations Human Rights Organization, each countries' foreign ministry, and the world's large human rights organizations. We hope all who read this report treasure it, archive it, and use it largely to expose the CCP's crimes, stop the persecution, and protect conscience, human rights, and justice for our human race.

Below are links to download the report:
Chinese version: http://www.falunhr.org/reports/PDFs/BeijingOlympicsPersecution_ch1.pdf

English version: http://www.falunhr.org/reports/PDFs/BeijingOlympicsPersecution.pdf