Solemn Declaration

In December 2000, I went to Beijing with the attachment of reaching consummation. I was detained by police and sent to a detention center. Later I was sent to a forced labor camp for one year. In the labor camp, I could not let go of the attachment of sentimentality and was used by the guards. I wrote several guarantee statements and betrayed Master and Dafa. I did not take this seriously after I was released. I spent little time on Fa study, and could not find Master's new articles. I became more and more like an everyday person, and my thoughts became less righteous. During the SARS outbreak, I was deceived by police and sent to brainwashing sessions. Several days later, I betrayed Master and Dafa again. I had committed a big crime. When I read Master's new articles, I could not stop crying. I cannot use any words to describe compassionate and great Master's infinite grace.

I declare null and void all that I said and did in the labor camp and brainwashing sessions that betrayed Master and Dafa. I will follow Master closely and do well the three things. I will redouble my efforts and make up for the loss I brought to Dafa, to become a qualified Dafa disciple.

Lu Jingyuan

February 9, 2009

Solemn Declaration

During September and October of 2000, I was arrested by police on the train to Beijing. My family paid 8,000 yuan to try to get me released. At that time I did not have a good understanding of the Fa and I had fear. I wrote a guarantee statement against my will, and gave out a fellow practitioner's name who had already been arrested. I had committed a big crime which I later regretted very much. With the help of fellow practitioners, I started to cultivate again. I was very touched after reading the article "Help Fellow Practitioners to Pass the Deadly Test" on "Minghui Weekly." I knew I had gotten rid of that filthy burden.

I declare null and void all that I said and did that does not conform to Dafa. I will assist Master in Fa-Rectification with a pure heart, and complete the last part of the path home. I will do well the three things to save sentient beings. I want to become a qualified Dafa disciple.

Sun Liguang

January 7, 2009