1. Conversation

A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member came to my workplace to monitor a Dafa practitioner. The following is a transcript of their conversation:

CCP member: I heard something happened to your Teacher overseas. What was it?

Practitioner: Please respect my Teacher and then you can talk to me.

CCP member: Falun Gong is a cult, why should I respect him?

Practitioner: Who said so?

CCP member: The Constitution!

The practitioner immediately knew this person knew nothing about the law.

Practitioner: Since when did the Constitution rule that Falun Gong is a cult? When was it amended?

CCP member: I won't discuss the Constitution with you. The CCP said it's a cult, so it's a cult.

The man tried to leave.

Practitioner: Please do not leave so quickly, I have something to tell you. Usually I don't have such a chance to talk to you. You are not a bad person. Why do you talk about Falun Gong with so much hatred? It's my guess someone threatened you and instigated you to do so? Was it someone from the 610 Office?

CCP member: Why would I tell you?

Practitioner: If someday in the future the time is right and I want to sue the 610 Office, I need to have a name. Who is he?

CCP member: (with a mocking face) Keep dreaming. As long as the CCP exists, that won't happen.

Practitioner: Forget about whether it will happen or not. If that day comes then I will sue some people, but if you won't tell me who to sue, then I will have to sue you first. You won't submit willingly and you will not point out those who are responsible, correct?

CCP member: Of course. I am not the one who wants to hurt you, I sure won't submit willingly.

Practitioner: That's right. It's not your responsibility. You are just a person they use. I know you fear them so I won't make you say their names. But when I sue them, I want you to be my witness. You just need to say who ordered you to monitor me. Would you do that?

CCP member: (hesitating) The CCP will not collapse.

Practitioner: It doesn't matter if the CCP collapses. I am asking you to look at your morality and conscience, speaking as a honorable and just man, would you?

CCP member: Based on morality and conscience, I will speak the truth. But how could the CCP collapse...(the man started murmuring to himself)

The CCP member was the head of a group that is in charge of monitoring Dafa practitioners in a particular workplace. He knew Dafa practitioners were in fact good people but still doubted Falun Gong because of his belief in the CCP. He refused to listen to the truth many times before and hence the practitioner tried to warn him in this way. His attitude toward practitioners has since improved significantly.

2. Afterthoughts

When the 610 Office tries to arrest practitioners or put them in brainwashing centers, it arranges people who are not within the legal system to do so, to create an illusion that every department in the government participates in the persecution. For example, when arresting practitioners, the 610 Office asked employers or the residence commissions to participate. In brainwashing centers, there are people from backgrounds such as education, medical care, banking, finance, and the courts.

Practitioners find that these people like to insult and slander Falun Dafa, as if they were legal experts who could claim that the practice is illegal. Practitioners most often hear, "A citizen needs to obey the laws. Don't you know your behavior and belief are illegal?" This might sound correct at first and appear as if they are defending the laws. The fact is, they are the ones who violate the laws. If all practitioners can hold on to this basic logic, then the CCP will run out of tricks.

Sure, they will use other ways to persecute practitioners, but they know they don't have a solid reason. As long as practitioners have righteous thoughts and believe in the Fa, Teacher will have other arrangements. Take the practitioner in this article for example. He was put into a brainwashing center for two months. He did not yield and after he went back to work, the 610 Office no longer bothered him as they did previously. They let the practitioner's workplace handle him. An officer from the 610 Office said, "No one would want people this steadfast in a brainwashing class!"