Everything on the cultivation path is solemn. Because I wasn't diligent in my cultivation, I suffered from the persecution of Falun Gong and was arrested.

Our family is a special environment where we can cultivate. After I was released and returned home, the harmony in my family had disappeared. My mother-in-law did not understand me, and she was worried about her son and grandson. She was angry and hated me. She argued with and monitored me. Although I did not say anything, I developed a dislike of her and no longer wanted to talk to her. As I was not that diligent in my Fa study, I did not realize that the evil forces were manipulating my mother-in-law to get at me. I missed the days when she had herself begun to practice Dafa. She was then healthy and always looked inward to see where she could improve herself. We used to study the Fa together, in those days.

Once I calmed down and studied the Fa more diligently, I also looked inward and discovered my attachment to human feelings. It was my attitude that caused this situation. I always felt as the relationship between mother and daughter in-law was not an easy one. I did not let go my anger. Thus, the evil forces took advantage of this shortcoming and tried to separate us.

I continued to send forth righteous thoughts, eliminated all bad elements, and asked Teacher to help me. The situation changed. My mother-in-law returned to studying the Fa and we shared thoughts on the Fa. But, when I saw sometimes that she could not overcome some "small human things," I developed a bad attitude and thought, "How could she pay attention to these small human things?"

I looked inward and tried to find what made me feel uncomfortable. I found that I still had human feelings. I was too anxious because she is my family member. I was not patient with her. Although I quoted Teacher's words, they lost power when I spoke them. She could not accept it. It was me who held an attitude. I now look inward again and correct myself. Things are getting better. I can study the Fa with her without feeling awkward. The thought of giving up on her disappeared. She and I can treat each other as fellow practitioners now.

Family is an important environment for our cultivation, which can't be ignored. Only when we look inward and change ourselves, the environment can be improved.

February 2, 2009