(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese New Year Splendor was well received by audiences in the Su-Seong ARTPIA in Daegu, South Korea. The last show on February 2, 2009, attracted spectators from all walks of lives, and the theater was packed.

Chinese Teacher: Seeing Chinese culture so popular overseas makes me feel proud

Ms. Liu has been in Korea for a year teaching Chinese. After seeing the final Spectacular show in Daegu, she was amazed. "We should promote such a show to the world so that people can understand the pure and splendid Chinese culture," she said.

"My overall feeling about the show is that it was terrific, especially the visual effects. The show really brought out the essence of Chinese culture."

Ms. Liu said she felt like she was actually in the stories as she watched. "For example, in 'The Poet's Vision' and other programs with scenes of divine beings coming down to earth, the background projection made it seem so real that I felt I was in the scene and had become one of them."

"I have never seen such a performance before. Seeing orthodox Chinese dance in a foreign country makes me feel that I am home. Those who haven't seen this show should come to see what it is like and to understand Chinese history."

"Seeing Chinese culture so popular overseas makes me feel proud. The content of the show not only lets the world understand Chinese classic dance but also the culture."

Chinese Student: I no longer feel God is far away

Excitement still showed on the faces of several Chinese students as they walked out of the theater. They said the show was full of ethnic elements and "felt like home." One who claimed to be an atheist said he no longer felt God was far away.

One student said he really liked the ethnic dances such as "Dance of the Yi" and "Mongolian Chopsticks." Another said he never believed in God or Buddha until he saw the show, "When gods came down from heaven in beautiful clothes in the last program, I felt God was close. I didn't believe in God or Buddha. This was a very different show, and no way could I have anticipated my reaction."

"Hearing Guan Guimin sing, I was blown away"

The song sung by tenor Guan Guimin, "Let Me Not Regret," won the hearts of the spectators. Guan was a well-known singer in China back in the 80s and 90s. Many people form China go to the DPA's shows to hear him sing. A student was thrilled to hear his voice and wants to come back next year. Many of Guan's fans said that his voice was even better than it used to be.