(Clearwisdom.net) Chinese culture is one of the most ancient in the world. It also has the longest unbroken history. Over the last nearly 100 years, Chinese people have lost faith in their own culture. Although they are familiar with the term "Chinese culture," in actuality they don't know what genuine Chinese culture entails. The reason is that genuine Chinese culture has been destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party. A fair number of people even think that the term "Chinese culture" is synonymous with "underdevelopment" or "backwardness."

Chinese people like to say that the Chinese culture is rich and profound. How so? Very few people can explain it. Currently in China, there are some that do promote traditional culture. However, they use the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s ways of thinking to try to analyze and understand the Chinese culture. With this approach, it is nearly impossible to see the true essence of the traditional Chinese culture. Many historic sites in China are being used to attract tourists. What is present at these sites is only the superficial, without any cultural underpinnings. Even the most popular Chinese movies have shown no sense of culture or meaning. The Chinese New Year Show produced by the government-controlled CCTV only serves to flatter the CCP. It has little taste and can only please those who have been brainwashed by the CCP and are accustomed to the government propaganda. More and more people are voicing their dissatisfaction with the CCTV Chinese New Year Show.

Despite China's 5,000 years of history, it is all but impossible to find authentic traditional Chinese culture in China. As more people have lost faith in and patience with the current state of Chinese culture, some have been talking about re-establishing a Chinese culture that can stand on its own in the world. They have been searching everywhere. To their surprise, they found a representative of the most authentic, traditional yet innovative Chinese culture in the West. This is Divine Performing Arts (DPA).

Even more surprisingly, no other Chinese-culture-themed performance has received such high reviews from performance artists, politicians, and common people.

There are many outstanding performance groups in the world. However, most of them are popular only among those of the same ethnic background and culture. The DPA performance transcends nationality, culture, race, and religion. Many in the performing arts in Western countries have praised DPA. People of all ethnic backgrounds enjoy the show. They think it shows them true Chinese culture. At every performance, people of different ethnic backgrounds are moved to tears.

For example, Mr. Richard Connema, a Broadway critic who has seen over 3,000 shows, said, "This production was truly spectacular in all senses of the word." Musician Matthew Placido attended the show with his family. He said, "This is not a world-class performance, this is the No. 1 Performance in the world." Acclaimed American dancer James Zimmerman said that he had seen many excellent dance performances, but the Divine Performing Arts show was the best; it was "top of the line."

The fact that DPA has received so many honors and such praise from an international audience is a powerful statement that traditional Chinese culture belongs not only to the Chinese people, but also the entire world and humanity. It has a powerful life force. The Chinese people who have seen this pure, rich, and exquisite show now realize the profundity, kindness, and perfection of the Chinese culture. They are especially proud that people from other countries also appreciate the beauty and depth of the Chinese culture.

From the feedback from audience members, it appears that, regardless of nationality, cultural or religious background, or socio-economic status, people have enjoyed the DPA performances. Chinese culture is being understood and embraced by people of all backgrounds. Isn't this what the Chinese people have sought for the last century?

The CCP has twisted history, blinding the Chinese people to what authentic Chinese culture is. DPA is leading the world in a new artistic trend through its tour in top-notch theaters around the world. Chinese culture is being reintroduced to the public.

Its huge global success shows that the Chinese culture, both ancient and renewed, is full of life. Chinese people should have faith and pride in it. DPA has triggered a broad interest in Chinese culture and is bringing Chinese culture to the world stage.