(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, through experience sharing with fellow practitioners, I came to further realize the importance of coordinating with each other as one body. The evil created many separations among Falun Dafa practitioners in order to divide us. However, as long as we coordinate with each other, we'll become very powerful. Some fellow practitioners suffered a lot of persecution and the persecution itself is still going on. A reason for these conditions is because we haven't formed a single body. I think the evil will die out if all practitioners become one body!

I read many reports on the Clearwisdom website about practitioners being persecuted every day. I was very sad and became numb, since I didn't know what to do about it. Eventually I realized that I should do something. First, I collected the contact information of the local malicious people involved in the persecution. I sent a truth-clarification cell phone message to them, letting them know they had been exposed to the international community and the fact that good will be rewarded and bad punished.

Next, I added one or two times every night to send forth righteous thoughts specifically to strengthen the local fellow practitioners who were being persecuted. I also sent forth righteous thoughts to dissolve the evil. Before, I was selfish, numb, and lazy, and I didn't fully believe in the Fa. I therefore didn't completely assimilate myself into the project of sending forth righteous thoughts to help fellow practitioners. I used the excuse that I was too busy, while, in fact, it stemmed from an attachment of being selfish.

I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to help a few local practitioners for a while. One day I found out that one of them had been released from illegal detention. I was very glad, since I did something that I should have done. I didn't expect it to be so powerful, though. After that, every few days, another of those local practitioners was released. I was amazed. I know it wasn't just from of my own power, but from those practitioners themselves and other fellow practitioners as well, that this would happen. Still, I clearly know I helped after I improved my understanding. I feel very fortunate and happy.

When I feel lazy and want to find excuses not to send forth righteous thoughts at night, I remind myself, "Do not be lazy. Do not be selfish. Sending forth righteous thoughts together with fellow practitioners is actually the best demonstration of coordinating as one body."