(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher published the article "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World" on February 15, 2005. After I read it a few times, I realized the importance of saving people. Every day after I study the Fa, I proceed to advise family, relatives, neighbors, and classmates to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Afterward, I do the same for people I don't know. During the last stage of Fa-rectification, I feel that saving people is the most important thing. I do not pursue comfort; I just cultivate myself, and then take actions.

In the past three years, from February 15, 2005 to this day, there have been about 30 days in which I didn't clarify the truth. I realized that I had significant shortcomings on those days, so I stayed home and studied the Fa and looked within. On all other days, I spent half of the day studying the Fa and the other half clarifying the truth on the streets and in the shops. I was able to convince about 30 people each day to withdraw from the CCP, with a minimum of 15 people a day. In over 1,300 days, I talked to over 20,000 people about withdrawing from the CCP. Whether in the pouring rain, scorching sun, or freezing cold, my desire to save people did not waver. This is the power of Dafa.

In the process of clarifying the truth, I discovered many attachments that I had, such as fear, complaining, showing off, afraid of losing face, lack of patience, lack of tolerance, zealotry, a competitive mentality, lack of compassion, and being anxious, etc. Through clarifying the truth, these attachments are being chipped away. One day Teacher gave me a hint in a dream, which helped me to identify and release large load of filthy attachments.

One must be relentless and have perseverance when advising people to withdraw from the CCP. One must let go of life and death as well. Some practitioners say that you cannot tell others how many people you have helped withdraw from the CCP because it is showing off and validating oneself. I don't think I have a showoff mentality. I just talk about my cultivation experiences. My actions are aligned with the Fa. My point is to encourage others and save more people.

Nowadays, I cooperate with other practitioners to clarify the truth. I also distribute booklets and DVDs, post flyers, and hang up banners. I wholeheartedly put myself into helping Teacher rectify the Fa. Time does not wait for people; and we cannot depend on others.