(Clearwisdom.net) On June 5, 2008, we went to a local police station to request the release of a fellow practitioner. Not only was our fellow practitioner not released, we were arrested ourselves and jailed in a detention center. The police claimed that we would be detained for at least 15 days.

I started to search inward and found many shortcomings and human notions. Instead of clarifying the truth, our original goal when we went to the police station was to request the release of our fellow practitioner. We did not even clarify the facts in the police station. Therefore, our foundation was not correct. Saving sentient beings is the most important thing. It's Dafa disciples' responsibility, and every disciple should do it well. Asking for a practitioner's release was not our objective. We have to take the chance to clarify the truth and achieve the goal of saving sentient beings. A simple word, "request", demonstrated that we were "asking" for help from ordinary people. We were asking the police to release our fellow practitioner. Actually, pursuit is an attachment and should be relinquished. After fully understanding the Fa, we knew what we should do.

On June 9, the police wanted to interrogate us. We refused to cooperate, sent forth righteous thoughts, and clarified the truth to them. On June 12, they wanted to interrogate us again and claimed that we would be transferred to a forced labor camp. Our hearts were not moved and we totally rejected the arrangements of the old forces. Their arrangements did not matter. Only Master's arrangements matter. In the evening, I had a chance to talk to the practitioners in my family. Together, we sent forth righteous thoughts for an entire evening. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt that many Buddhas, Taos, and Gods above my head were eliminating the evil with us. When I shared this feeling with my fellow practitioners in the detention center, they were very happy and we knew our righteous thoughts were getting stronger.

Dafa disciples should do the three things well no matter where they are. Although jailed in a detention center, we still had to save sentient beings. Everyday we recited the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, clarified the truth during mealtime, and persuaded others to quit the CCP and its affiliated associations. Since newcomers arrived continuously, we took every opportunity to clarify the truth to all of them. After understanding the truth, some of them even told the newcomers, "Go ahead and talk to those Falun Gong practitioners." In this way, we persuaded more than 10 people to quit the CCP and its affiliated associations.

On June 16, while we were clarifying the truth and encouraging people to quit the CCP, the chief of the police station Zhang suddenly said us, "Why are you guys still here?" We realized, "Yes, why are we still here? There are a lot of things outside that we need to do. Our fellow practitioners outside keep requesting our release everyday. How much time and energy are they spending on us? Master has used his mouth to point out that we should leave now."

We searched inward and found that we were still waiting. We were waiting for the completion of the 15 days. Didn't this behavior comply with the arrangements of the old forces? Did their words matter? No! At this critical time, only our own words or Master's words mattered. If our actions are right, and our foundation is right, Master will help us. We did what we should do in the detention center.

Under Master's protection, we returned home two days early.