(Clearwisdom.net) Many Falun Gong practitioners are being persecuted in the Shandong Women's Labor Camp in Jinan City, Shandong Province. The prison guards instigated prisoners to put drugs into the food of practitioner Ms. Zhou Chunshu. Other practitioners, including Ms. Yue Xia and Ms. Lu Fenghua, were tortured and beaten numerous times.

Ms. Zhou Chunshu, held in the Second Ward of the prison, was persecuted and labeled as a "psychopath" because of her ability to recite Zhuan Falun and many other Falun Gong teachings. I witnessed a prisoner putting drugs into her food. The guards ordered prisoner Liu Wei to keep a close watch on her at all times. One day at about 5.30 p.m., Liu Wei tried to put drugs into Ms. Zhou's food. This was witnessed by practitioners Ms. Yue Xia, Ms. Lu Fenghua, Ms. Chen Xianglin, myself, and other prisoners. We collected some of the drug powder left in the food as evidence and gave it to a newly released practitioner, hoping that she would expose this crime to the public. However, for whatever reason, she did not do it in time. In the mornings Ms. Zhou would get up early to practice the Falun Gong exercises without disturbing others, for which she was cruelly beaten many times. Of those who beat her, Liu Wei was the most fierce. Later, Ms. Zhou was transferred to the "transformation" group. Some collaborators violently grabbed her hair and a large portion of it was pulled out. They also slammed her head against a wall and injected drugs into her without her consent. On many occasions, several prisoners worked together to beat her and inject and force-feed her drugs by immobilizing her limbs. The long period of torture made her so emaciated that she would fall in and out of consciousness. The guards from the Second Ward acknowledged that they were feeding drugs to Ms. Zhou, and said that they were doing to cure her "psychosis."

The practitioners held in the Second Ward were beaten by prisoners at the order of the guards. These practitioners include Ms. Yue Xia, Ms. Lu Fenghua, Ms. Chen Xiuling, Ms. Sun Yan, and Ms. Xu Jirong. They were shackled at the ankles, made to perform forced labor for a long time, forbidden to rest on Sundays, and constantly held in solitary confinement.

Ms. Yue Xia was subjected to confinement, force feeding, and beatings many times. Ms. Xu Jirong was held in solitary confinement and got her sentence extended because the guards claimed she was intending to escape. Later, she was sent to the "transformation" group, where she was pressured to give up her belief, but she remained steadfast and righteous.

Between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. one evening, on orders from the prison guards, some prisoners, including Li Qingmei, Zhang Hongli, Li Baoying, and Yu Yuanyuan, cruelly beat practitioner Ms. Lu Fenghua with a bench and sticks for about 90 minutes with the cell gate shut. They deliberately targeted areas on the body prone to injury. As a result, Ms. Lu's ankle was badly injured, which disabled her for a long time. She was covered with bruises, with the largest one on her back difficult to look at.

When I broke out of the prison with righteous thoughts, Ms. Zhou Shuchun and Ms. Xu Jirong were still being held. Ms. Xu was handed over to some collaborators that were being manipulated by the guards in an attempt to turn her against Falun Gong, but she resisted with her righteous thoughts and actions. Ms. Zhou was monitored by other prisoners in the cell. They continued to try to put drugs in her food. Practitioner Ms. Sun Yan was beaten many times. The most vicious beating was carried out by prisoners Zhang Lifeng, Xin Xiamei and Xia Hongping. Later, Xia Hongping received karmic retribution for her crimes in the form of painful ulcers all over her body. After that Xia Hongping was transferred from the Second Ward to the Seventh Ward. Over the past few years Falun Gong practitioners have been constantly beaten with electric batons. Now the guards involved in the persecution include Gao Ying, Zhao Feiyan, Liu Ruixue, Liu Hongtao, Wang Hao ,and Wang Aixia from the Second Ward.

Every day, practitioners in the Shandong Women's Labor Camp are subjected to torture. Practitioners held in the "Concentration Training Group" are pressured by the guards to give up their belief. Practitioner Ms. Chen Min is currently being held in this group. In the hospital area of the camp, practitioners are subjected to force-feeding and forced intake of drugs. In this prison, hard labor with feet shackled under close monitoring, solitary confinement, and other forms of torture constitute the day-to-day life of Falun Gong practitioners.