(Clearwisdom.net) The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) New York Company recently shined at the Kennedy Art Center at Washington DC, much to the delight of many Chinese audience members.

Overseas Chinese from Jilin Province: the show gives Chinese confidence

Mr. Su, who is from Jilin Province, believed that the DPA shows opened a new horizon for him, and he was moved to tears twice during the show.

He said, "The artistic standard of the show is very high. The dancing arrangement are exquisite, and the coordination was delicate and harmonious. It gave me a refreshing feeling."

Mr. Su said that before, he also realized vaguely that the views in China on Chinese culture and history were tainted by the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda. During the show, he paid special attention to how the show interprets Chinese culture and history, and it resonated with him.

What moved him the most were the messages of purity and compassion. He said, "As I saw the Gods and Buddhas restrain the evil force in the human world, I felt that there was not any government that could resist it. I felt hope for this world, and I couldn't hold back my tears. As the young father of the family who practiced Falun gong was persecuted to death, the gods descended to bring him back to Heaven. That was really moving."

Student from mainland China: "I feel blessed after watching the show."

George Chen and Linda Qin are from mainland China. After watching the show, they were delighted. George said, "I feel very happy after watching the show, because I feel suddenly that we truly have gods safeguarding us."

George came to the U.S to study from Beijing three years ago. He said, "In the textbooks in China, there is nothing related to divine culture. I have enjoyed reading all kinds of books since I was a little kid. From some of those books I could find the shadow of the divine culture, but they were far from systematic. Therefore, the divine was merely a concept for me at the time, even though I hoped those things were true. Today I am very happy to find that it truly exists. I feel blessed after watching the show."

Linda shared a similar feeling, "As I saw the gods descend from heaven, I felt as if I wanted to cry; it was really spectacular and moving. Today I understand that in order to be protected by the gods, we must first behave well."

"DPA gives Chinese people confidence"

Mrs. Zhao immigrated to the United States two years ago. After watching the show, she said that it was something that could not be found in China.

She said, "The CCP always brags about how the Chinese economy is booming and how its military power is strong, but it always persecutes the Chinese people, and it can't have respect from the rest of the world. It has organized many shows in foreign countries, but they are no good. China has many talents, but it is a great pity that these have been ruined. It is the DPA show that gives Chinese people confidence. As I saw so many foreigners applaud Chinese culture, I was so moved."

Show tells people about the relationship between humans and gods

Mr. Zheng Kexue, Director of the Committee of Chinese Freedom in America, said after watching the show,

"The show uses authentic art forms and traditional stories to help us understand our ancestors and how harmonious people were. After the CCP took over, there was no justice and human rights. Morality declined rapidly, and people were cheated by the CCP's lies. How will this end?"

He said, "While giving the audience artistic enjoyment, the show also tells them about the moral standard as human beings and how human beings should live. The show helped me to understand the relationship between humans and gods, and it told me, 'The hope of the salvation is to understand the truth, and to be a good person.' This is the utmost important thing for a human life."

"The whole world will admire it"

Mr. Wang Jun, who is the Chairman of the World Alliance of the Chinese Democratic Party, watched the show for a second time. He said, "The show is very beautiful, and the dancers have deep grounding in dancing. The backdrops are exquisite, and the live orchestra matches perfectly with the dancing. The cooperation between the individual dancers is seamless and stunning. The devotion of the performers is so moving, as they performed with their hearts. The whole world will admire it."