(Clearwisdom.net) Policeman Wang Xianfu, 40, in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province, is head of the National Security Squadron in the police department of Factory 404 (a huge military production town). He beat to death a 60-year-old elderly woman in the factory detention center in December 2008.

On December 8, Wang led police to break into practitioner Ms. Cao Huiqin's home, where they ransacked it and arrested her. They said that she would be detained for 15 days, and fined 1,000 yuan. After her arrest, they deprived her of sleep and interrogated her continuously for three days and nights, attempting to force her to give a "confession." Later she was moved to the Factory 404 Detention Center. Unable to get a "confession" from her, the police shocked Ms. Cao with electric batons all over her body. The high-voltage current went through her heart from the chest to the back, charred her flesh and killed her.

Concerned about liability, the police fabricated a scene of suicide and waited two more days before they notified the family of her death. They claimed that Ms. Cao had hanged herself.

Suspicion 1: There was no place to hang a rope made with torn-sheet in the cell.

Suspicion 2: The police told Ms. Cao's family: "She was fine at 9:45 p.m. when we saw her, but hanged herself and died 15 minutes later." Try to image a 60-year-old lady trying to tear the bed sheet into shreds, twist them into a rope, hang it up, hang herself on it, and finish all this in fifteen minutes. Could this be possible?

Suspicion 3: A hanged person ought to die with the tongue sticking out, but Ms. Cao's tongue was intact. The only explanation was that she was killed before she was put on the rope, and the whole scene was faked.

Suspicion 4: It is stated clearly in Falun Gong books that killing and suicide are serious wrongdoings. Furthermore, the police had said that she was going to be detained for 15 days and fined only 1,000 yuan. Why would Ms. Cao decide to commit suicide over this?

Suspicion 5: If Ms. Cao did commit suicide, how would one explain the charred scar on her chest and back?

Ms. Cao's husband and children were so angry that they sued the police department and the Factory 404 Detention Center. Wang Xianfu and others applied pressure to the department, as Ms. Cao's daughter and son-in-law worked to compel them to drop the case. With pressure and direction from higher authorities, Mr. Ma, director of the Second Branch Factory where Ms. Cao's husband worked, told him that they wanted to settle the case and that they would share part of the expenses for buying the urn for her ashes and the plot. Ms. Cao's family rejected the offer and insisted on suing in order to punish the criminals. Ms. Cao's nephew who was an attorney in another town also came home to help with the case. Factory 404, the 610 Office, and the police department called an emergency meeting, and came up with a ridiculous scheme. They lied and claimed that Ms. Cao's body was stolen. They set up road blocks around the factory compound to inspect each vehicle to see if it carried the stolen body. They carried out this scheme because they were afraid that the attorney would bring in a medical examiner to perform an autopsy, and their crimes would be exposed.

The authorities worked on two fronts. On the one hand, they hid Ms. Cao's body. On the other, they continued negotiating with Ms. Cao's family, hoping to settle the case by paying them several thousand yuan, which Ms. Cao's family rejected. The police became truly worried when Ms. Cao's relatives in Japan threatened to bring reporters over, so they offered the family 120,000 yuan to settle the case. When her family finally accepted the offer so that they could bury Ms. Cao, her body suddenly reappeared. The police rushed to cremate it the next day. Police guarded the area so that no one could examine the body and expose their crimes.

Prior to Ms. Cao, policeman Wang Xianfu arrested practitioner Xie Guifang, a retired worker from Factory 404. During the Olympics, Wang arrested a seventy-year-old practitioner Liang Jingyuan, and lied, saying that he was arrested by police from Jiayuguan Police Department.

Wang Xianfu: 86-13993766129 (Cell)

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