(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since I was very young, I have had a respectful heart for Buddhas. I was only eight years old when I began practicing Dafa. My mother was predestined to obtain the Fa and introduced the practice to me. She often studies the Fa with local practitioners, and I sometimes did the exercises with my mother in the morning. Even though I practiced the exercises, I have not spent much time cultivating my xinxing. As a result, I have missed a great opportunity to improve myself through Fa study.

Supporting Mother in Going to Beijing

On July 20, 1999, former President Jiang Zemin used his powers to spread defamatory lies and launch fabrications about Falun Gong and Dafa's Teacher, Mr. Li Hongzhi. Jiang instigated a zealous persecution of Falun Gong, in which many practitioners were, and continue to be, illegally arrested and imprisoned. After my mother met and exchanged information with fellow practitioners, she realized she had to go validate the Fa. She decided to go to Tiananmen Square with other practitioners to do truth clarification, i.e., to tell people the truth about the goodness of Falun Dafa. My mother told me to be good just before she left for Beijing. I told her, "Don't worry, just go to Beijing and validate the Fa! No need to be concerned about me." She felt relieved after hearing that and could make the trip without worry.

First Time for Truth Clarification

It is the responsibility of Dafa disciples to maintain, protect, and validate Dafa when it is being persecuted. We must let more people know that Dafa is being slandered and that they should not let the evil rumors confuse them, because Dafa is the righteous Fa!

One day my teacher at school found a copy of Dafa materials on one of the student's desks. She confiscated the materials and asked the classmate where the Dafa materials came from. He just said that he found it. Because I sat in the first row and observed this exchange, I said to her, "Teacher, Falun Dafa is good. My mother became very healthy after she started practicing Falun Dafa. I hope you will believe that Dafa is good and start practicing, too." After listening to what I said, the teacher answered, "I believe that Falun Gong is good, but the school just had a meeting and it doesn't allow teachers to practice Falun Gong." After hearing her reply, I thought to myself, "That is an individual's choice." Under those circumstances, it was good enough that she knew Dafa was good, so I said nothing further.

Cultivating in the Fa and Finding My Shortcomings

Through Fa study and practicing the exercises, the concept of motivating myself to be more diligent is constantly on my mind. I look inward, trying to find the reason why I am unable to discover the causes for not being diligent and to break whatever attachments might be contributing.

In comparison to my classmates, it seems that they are generally not as good as I am in their studies. But when they are diligent and catch up with me, I become envious and sometimes even intensely jealous. I know this attachment is not good. In Zhuan Falun, Teacher points out:

There's a rule: a person who doesn't get rid of jealousy while cultivating cannot achieve a True Fruition--he definitely won't achieve a True Fruition.

Teacher put it so clearly. If I continue clinging to and refuse to let go of this attachment, how can I follow Master home? I know that I must cultivate and eliminate this strong attachment soon. Some attachments may seem very small and sometimes they are hidden very deep inside but show up unexpectedly in the face of tribulations. For example: the attachment of sentimentality to one's family and in everyday relationships, the show-off mentality, the attachment of fear, a competitive nature, the failure to look inward, and many more attachments have to be totally eliminated during your cultivation. How can you reach consummation if you don't get rid of sentimentality? Teacher said:

Cultivation is not difficult
The earthly heart is hard to discard
So many attachments--when shall they be severed?
Everyone knows the sea of suffering has no shore
If the will is not firm
Barriers are like mountains
How to transcend the mortal world
("Severing" from "Hong Yin Vol. II)

In order to be diligent, I need to cultivate and eliminate the attachment of sentimentality.

Through the process of truly cultivating and eliminating attachments, every step taken is like:

"After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!" (Zhuan Falun)

I am enlightened to the fact that every occurrence is prearranged to show us and allow us to eliminate our shortcomings. Fellow practitioners, enlighten with the Fa, cultivate, and rectify your shortcomings as soon as possible!

This precious chance is by no means coincidental. It is an opportunity for which we have waited countless years. We are predestined to obtain Dafa in this lifetime. We don't simply want a human life of blessings in the future, so we must cultivate toward our consummation.

February 4, 2009