(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Yang Xiujie is a practitioner from Changchun City, Jilin Province. She was put into the Changchun City Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp in 2008, where she was severely tortured. She is now in critical condition and could die at any time. Ms. Yang had frequent heart attacks in the labor camp. She was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. According to labor camp regulations, she already qualifies for bail to seek medical treatment. The labor camp has denied the diagnosis and declined to reveal her condition. They lied to and threatened her family members and refused to release Ms. Yang.

In September 2008, Ms. Yang had a heart attack. The labor camp's Doctor Dong took her to Jilin University Hospital for a diagnosis. During that time, she was diagnosed with coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. However, Doctor Dong refuted the hospital's diagnosis many times. The Jilin University Hospital's doctor showed the medical evidence to object to Doctor Dong's opinion. Ms. Yang's family members requested her release based on the hospital's diagnosis.

After Ms. Yang was taken back to the labor camp, she suffered another heart attack and was taken to the prison hospital. A guard surnamed Ding used many ways to block all family visits. They pressured Ms. Yang, saying that whether or not to tell her family about her situation depended on whether she gave up Falun Gong or not. They refused to release any information about her medical condition and kept the fact that she had been transferred to the prison hospital a secret. Ms. Yang's family learned that she had already been taken to the prison hospital a few days later by chance. The prison hospital used all kinds of excuses to forbid her family members from visiting her. Her family was eventually told that she had been taken back to the labor camp.

Ms. Yang's condition worsened after she was taken back to the camp. The labor camp told her family nothing, with the excuse, "It is a law that medical records cannot be viewed by family members of detainees." After an extended period of time, Ms. Yang's family got a chance to visit her. They saw that her condition had deteriorated. They requested her release again. The labor camp used guards and inmates to pressure Ms. Yang, and also threatened the family members saying, "If you visit again, her sentence will be increased." They even used abusing language, pushed, and used physical violence on her family members, resulting in an injury.

The labor camp said that they will not release Ms. Yang, and her family members will be arrested if they go there again. They claimed, "We are a law enforcement institute and we are the law."

Ms. Yang's family went to visit the provincial labor camp director, surnamed Bai, who brushed the situation aside and said, "It's not a big deal if several inmates die in a labor camp, is it?"

Now Ms. Yang's condition is critical. We hope that all righteous people around the world step forward and help rescue her.

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