(Clearwisdom.net) It is not a first, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Company using projections for its backdrop during their performances. Ocean, grassland and stars have been seen on stage before. Why did the DPA's use of the backdrop amaze the audience so much?

Mr. James Zimmerman has been a professional dancer for thirty-four years and he was a student of the world famous dance masters Milly Von Konsky and Vladimir Pilfolov.

After Mr. Zimmerman saw the DPA show in Silicon Valley he said excitedly: "I have never seen such a wonderful production. Such a combination of backdrop, live orchestra and dance is simply incredible!"

He continued after some thought, "I have seen many excellent dance groups. DPA is unique, and best among the best!"

Mr. Robert Tyler, a famous animation artist who was involved in the making of movies including Hollywood classics such as "The Iron Giant", "Spiderman", "X-men" and "Garfield."

Mr. Tyler admired DPA's dynamic backdrop, "The backdrop was very unique. I really like it when characters appeared on the backdrop and then appeared on the stage."

Mr. Charles Pachter, a Canadian sculptor, painter and architect, who is well known for his work. This was his second time to attend the DPA show. He was very interested in the transitions of the characters from the stage to CGI, which showed people rising to the heavens. "It was so beautiful when used with ancient tales. It was perfect, " said Mr. Pachter.

This was the third year that Indian singer and composer Mr. Patel watched the show. He liked the backdrop very much and said that it "combined earthly reality and heaven. It tells people that our culture and wisdom came from heaven."

In addition to the extraordinary creation and techniques, the reason for DPA's backdrop being so touching is that it displayed "heaven." Besides having the usual oceans, grassland and starlit sky, DPA's backdrops went beyond people's imagination. It exhibited how Gods and Buddhas came to earth from the heavens, as well as cultivators returning to the heavenly realms. Just as some from the audience said, DPA's backdrop combined the heavenly kingdom with earth. It is no longer only a background. It serves as an indivisible part of the stage and extended the stage to the heavens.

Steve Tobin, a well-known sculptor said, "The last scene was especially shocking and thought-provoking. It was like the whole universe displayed before us."

This was precisely what the backdrop in combination with the show wanted to imply. How big is the stage? From heaven to earth, it includes the entire universe. Can a human stage be larger than this? Because the implication of the scenes is telling people that we are all from heaven and that is what is makes it so powerful. The pure beauty and pure compassion from the performance touched the hearts of people in the audience. It was awe-inspiring and touching. The audience became a part of the stage as well as the historic story.

A lady from Tianjin repeatedly told reporters that she used to be a firm atheist. "I did not believe in divine beings. I did not even want to listen to others talk about it in the past." However, after watching the program "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution," when she saw Falun Gong practitioners turning into a Buddha when walking toward heaven, she felt it was so natural and all her atheist thoughts disappeared in an instant.

The DPA's Backdrop Has the Power of Changing One's Heart

Dr. Jeff Friedman, who teaches and studies history and theory of dance, watched the DPA show in San Francisco. "Using the large scale projection backdrop produced a very special visual result," said Dr. Friedman.

Then he continued, "DPA's dance form represented a new turning point in aesthetics.

The DPA is creating the future."

February 6, 2009