(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Li Xuemei was a village woman from Shenwang Village, Putong Township, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. Simply because she practices Falun Gong, seven people beat her to death, incited by the local 610 Office. Three years later, the seven killers are still still at large.

Events are set in motion

At 1 pm on November 3, 2005, Ms. Li Xuemei and her husband Mr. Wang Xingjia were helping to welcome visitors to their nephew's wedding. People from local 610 Office and police from the Qingzhou City Police Bureau broke in and arrested Ms. Li , her husband Mr. Wang and their fellow Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Lu Bangzhu. Their homes were ransacked.

Mr. Wang and Mr. Lu were detained in the Qingzhou City Detention Center. Ms. Li was sent to the Qingzhou City brainwashing center. Li Yongyou, Wang Xingyuan, and Wang Jianping from the 610 office deceived Ms. Li, saying that her husband would be set free if she would surrender up her Dafa books and pay them several thousand yuan. Under the threats and deception of the 610 Office, Ms. Li submitted the Dafa books to the brainwashing center. Only later did she realize that she had been tricked.

In order to force Ms. Li to give up her belief, the 610 Office used money and threats to instigate Wang Xingyuan, Wang Jianping, Li Xingyi, Zhong Yuxiang, Cui Chunfeng, Wang Youzhai and his wife to trick Ms. Li into coming to Wang Xingyi's home. They used several methods to torture her. They prevented her from sleeping and choked her. She was pushed down, and they used a rolling pin to roll her body. As result, Ms. Li died during the night of November 24, 2005 at the home of Li Xingyi.


On November 25, 2005, Ms. Li's son went to the home of Li Xingyi to look for his mother. Those seven people were enjoying a meal. They believed that the 610 office would support them even though they killed Ms. Li. They lied to him, saying that Ms. Li was not in the home. Ms. Li's son found a person lying under a comforter on the bed. He discovered that it was his mother's dead body.

According to Ms. Li's relatives, her neck had marks on it that led them to think she had been choked. There were also wounds on her legs, so they reported it to the police. At the request of her family members, the medical examiner performed an autopsy and found that Ms. Li's internal organs had also been injured.

During the period of investigation, the 610 office was involved. After its involvement, the medical examiner removed Ms. Li's heart, claiming it was for the examination. This was despite the protests of Ms. Li's family members. The attitude of the medical examiner changed a lot. Ms. Li's daughter and brothers said that the Ms. Li's internal organs were removed when her body was cremated.

Inconceivable Results of Investigation

After Ms. Li's family reported the seven killers to the police, the perpetrators were detained in the Qingzhou Detention Center. Due to the 610 office's involvement, the seven were set free under the excuse of so-called "serving of sentences outside the prison". Right after his release, the killer Wang Xingyuan contacted Liu Rongyou (610 office associate) and the 610 office to discuss the strategies.

In order to hide the story, the Qingzhou City 610 Office secretly sentenced Ms. Li's husband Mr. Wang Xingjia to two years in a labor camp. On July 31, 2007 when Mr. Wang was released from the Shandong Second Labor Camp, he was kidnapped to the Weifang City brainwashing center. He was told to "not hate", and to "not retaliate". He was released after the Chinese New Year. When he got home, he learned that his son had been killed in an explosion at work. There is no detailed information about his death.

The seven killers are still at large. They refused to tell Mr. Wang Xingjia the truth about the murder of his wife Ms. Li.