(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in early 1999. Throughout the process of studying the Fa and cultivating "xinxing", I have stumbled, but always got up again. Teacher guides me on the principles of the Fa and gives me hints, enabling me to understand the real meaning of life, its great value, and my responsibility in this human society. I have benefited mentally and physically, and I am grateful to our great and compassionate Teacher.

Before becoming a practitioner, I was obsessed with watching television. When I returned home daily from work, the first thing I did was to grab the remote control and look for shows to watch. It was as if nothing else mattered.

When I was a new Dafa practitioner, this attachment kept interfering with me, preventing me from studying the Fa in tranquility. Even during group Fa study, I would fall asleep easily. I lacked concentration, and scenes from television kept appearing in my mind. At that time, I felt very strange and wondered why it was always like this whenever I studied the Fa. I didn't even realize it when I read the wrong words. When I read Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun about "Demonic Interference in Cultivation" I realized that this was a demon that was interfering with my Fa study.

Teacher said,

"If you do not practice qigong, the environment is quite peaceful, but once you begin the qigong practice, it is like this. Many of you have never thought about it further. What's really going on? You only find it odd and feel quite disappointed about being unable to practice qigong. This "oddness" will stop your practice. It is a demon interfering with you."

After I realized that this was a deliberate attempt to interfere with my cultivation, I became determined to suppress it during Fa study and practice. As soon as it appeared in my mind, I disintegrated it by sending forth righteous thoughts. Now this is no longer a problem for me.

Teacher provides hints for me during my sleep or meditation. I work about ten miles from home, so I normally have lunch in the cafeteria. Since lunch hour is rather long, our office manager usually gathers a few colleagues to play cards. Over time, the attachments of competition, seeking comfort, and playing games developed into interference with Fa study, meditation, and exercise practice. One time while sending forth righteous thoughts at 6:00 a.m., as I was cleansing my own space, I saw two images of me going out of my body--a white transparent body on the left and a black one on the right. I caught up with them instantly, wanting to go with them. The white, transparent one changed into a picture of the five of diamonds. (In Chinese, the words for five of diamonds, "pian wo", sounds like the words "deceiving me"). Isn't this Teacher's hint that I was not supposed to be doing that? I couldn't go with them--I was supposed to be sending forth righteous thoughts! With this thought, my main consciousness returned to my body. I became tranquil and disintegrated the two images in front of me by sending forth righteous thoughts. From that point on, I stopped playing cards during my lunch break. I later also realized that computer games could have the same effect of interfering with a practitioner's Fa study and exercises.

The purpose of this article is to warn fellow practitioners who might have similar indulgences, so that they will avoid this interference. We should always abide by the Fa, cultivate ourselves, look inward, and do the three things well to be true practitioners.