(Clearwisdom.net) On January 30, the internationally acclaimed Divine Performing Arts company began its Asian tour with performances in Daegu, Korea. Despite pressure from the Chinese Communist regime, the city provided its best venue - Suseong Artpia, for the group. At the opening show, the pure compassion and beauty of the performance deeply touched the audience. Many were moved to tears.

The DPA show moved Korean audience members to tears

1. Perfect Costumes Touch "Milan of the East"

Daegu is a city of art known as the "Milan of the East." The opening show of Divine Performing Arts attracted many professionals, including people with artistic backgrounds. They praised the beauty of the costumes and said that they were inspired.

Ms. Cha, the president of Baoguang Textile Corporation, has extensive experience in costume design and critique. For this reason, she paid special attention to DPA's costumes and the use of color.

Baoguang Textile Corporation president Ms. Cha said that the show was spectacular, the costumes were marvelous and the use of color was perfect

Ms. Cha said that what impressed her most artistically were the gorgeous costumes and perfect use of color. In addition, the music also gave her a wonderful feeling. While many of the pieces are related to the Buddhist School, people of different backgrounds can still easily understand the content. "I will tell all my friends to see the show," said Ms. Cha.

Ms. Seo is a recognized Korean traditional wedding expert and a member of a local culture preservation association. She wore a traditional costume which she designed herself to the evening's performance. Ms. Seo said that she was deeply impressed with the costumes in the show.

Renowned Korean traditional wedding expert Ms. Seo: the costumes were so beautiful and touching

Ms. Seo has been doing research on traditional wedding costumes for years and often participates in wedding costume displays around the world. However, she had never had a good opportunity to study traditional Chinese costumes. During the DPA performance, she said that the costumes were gorgeous, and added that she didn't know how to describe her feelings; she could only say that she was truly touched.

Besides being entertained by the show, Ms. Seo said she also gained inspiration for her own costume design. In particular, she said that she was inspired by how the costumes were perfectly matched by the backdrops. "I will come back next year, and I will recommend this show to more people," said Ms. Seo.

2. DPA Touches Business People and Politicians

Mr. Kim is a well-known businessman and the former president of a local transportation company. This was his third year in a row to see the Divine Performing Arts show. He commended the purity of the show, which moved him to tears.

Kim said that the whole performance was very moving, as it portrayed something which people have been pursuing for generations. He was particularly touched by dance "Udumbara's Bloom" and said that such a piece is rarely found and it can purify one's heart. "It is as if you have left the mundane world, it is so special. I hope that more Koreans will come to see the show," Mr. Kim concluded.

Suseong District Council Chairman Mr. Son came to see the show with his wife and daughter. He was very impressed by the beauty of the performance.

Suseong District Council Chairman Mr. Son said that the choreography was unmatchable

Citing the dance "Udumbara's Bloom," Mr. Son said that the backdrop gave a perfect presentation of the purity and dignity of Udumbara flowers, and the dancing itself was as beautiful as the flowers. It was so amazing, he added.

Mr. Son was left in awe by the music performed on both oriental and western instruments, the perfect choreography, the gorgeous costumes and magnificent backup. He said that every piece was perfect and he wishes the Divine Performing Arts world tour a great success.

Gary McKenna and Juan A. Pyfrom came from the US Army Korean Headquarters. This was their first experience with Divine Performing Arts. They said that it was a unique show with a harmonious and peaceful message.

US Army officers Gary McKenna and Juan A. Pyfrom

Gary McKenna said that the show was marvelous and full of energy, and the performers displayed exceptional skills. He was most impressed by the last piece. He said that the magnificent backup and the wonderful stage performance matched each other so well, that the world all of sudden became very small as he saw the US, China, the performing arts group, Korea, and almost very country around the world. "It was so beautiful and touching, and I am very happy to be part of it."

Juan A. Pyfrom said that he enjoyed every piece in the evening's performance. He also commented that the backdrops, dance and music matched each other perfectly. He noticed the contents about Buddha and Tao and found that all the messages were very peaceful and harmonious. "It was a unique experience, different from all the shows I have seen before. It was delightful," said Mr. Pyfrom.