(Clearwisdom.net) Master teaches us in Zhuan Falun, " If you want to improve yourself, you should search your inner self and work hard on your heart." "In genuine cultivation practice one must cultivate one's own heart and inner self. One should search inside oneself rather than outside."

Through their cultivation, numerous practitioners have realized that looking inward is the powerful weapon that enables us to walk a righteous path. An incident that occurred a few days ago also made me feel the immense power of looking inward. I would like to share this with fellow practitioners.

One morning when I was about to get up to do the exercises, I suddenly felt something wrong with my body. I felt extreme pain emanating from my left hip and there was a nerve in my leg preventing it from moving. The pain did not feel like it was coming from the muscle or the bone. I could not identify where the deep pain was coming from, but it felt like it had to do with the nerve.

I managed to get out of bed, only to find I couldn't bend my back or legs. Over ten years ago, before I took up cultivation, I was once hospitalized for similar symptoms. A few years back, I went through the same sickness karma twice. At that time, since I failed to maintain a righteous mind, I suffered a lot physically. But this time I was able to keep strong righteous thoughts. The first thing on my mind was, "This is a good thing. It's a test to help me improve."

The following passages of the Fa suddenly appeared in my mind:

"Those ordeals and the suffering, no matter how great or harsh you find them to be, are good things, because they take place solely on account of your cultivation."

"So, when you meet with ordeals, it is the perfect opportunity for you to improve. If you are able to look inside, that trying situation will become instead an opportunity, something to overcome and a chance to enter a new state." ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

I felt very calm--I was determined to pass this test no matter what. I looked inward to see what omissions I still had. I found the following attachments: I wasn't able to concentrate on Fa study and had the attachment of completing a task; I sent forth righteous thoughts with human notions still on my mind; I didn't do well in advising strangers to quit the Chinese Communist Party; and I still harbored attachments to fear, lust, competitive mentality, showing off, and zealotry.

Even though I dug out a host of attachments, I still felt something was missing.

Then a thought popped up, "Is this because I was attached to watching CCP TV programs?" A few days before, I had non-practitioner guests over. To entertain my friends, I turned on the TV and watched it with them. I was hooked to the tube. For the two days that followed, I couldn't help but turn on the TV when it was time. Though I reminded myself to turn off the TV before the show was over, I still thought about what the next episode was about.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "...it is an attachment if you think too much about them. Aren't you attached to a pursuit if you think too much about it?" I suddenly felt a brief shock in my body, and the nerve that caused so much pain was cut by an invisible scissor. Immediately, I was able to bend my back and legs and I finished the five exercises with ease.

I knew compassionate Master endured the tribulation for me. Words cannot describe my gratitude to Master. Dafa is wonderful beyond words.

Master said in "Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference," "Now is the final moment that concludes arrangements that are eons old." With the rapid progress of the Fa-rectification and the elevation of our cultivation levels, the requirements for us only get stricter and stricter. Every one of our thoughts and acts must be based on the Fa. Any tiny omission will be exploited by the evil. When the tribulation comes, we must remember what Master said in Zhuan Falun, "Whenever there is interference of one kind or another in qigong practice, you should look for reasons within yourself and determine what you still have not let go." I believe there is no test we cannot pass.