The Realtor's Good Will

One day a practitioner from Hengyang City began talking to a real estate agent about Falun Gong.

The lady said, "I have read the Falun Gong materials, and my whole family has already withdrawn from the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. You practitioners are really great and came through for us. In order to save people, you are willing to take risks and hold to your beliefs despite the many lives lost due to the persecution. Your spirit deserves our great appreciation. The CCP is irrational and out of control. Falun Gong is all about cultivating yourselves without bothering others, and the practitioners never do anything inappropriately. Why does the CCP still arrest these good people and torture them? Some practitioners have even been tortured to death, and some are subjected to organ harvesting. This is truly inhuman and intolerable according to universal principles. Here is 200 yuan for you to make more informational materials. This represents my heartfelt appreciation."

The practitioner accepted the 200 yuan, and his eyes filled with tears.

A Poor Farmer's Wisdom

One day I was resting next to a poor farm worker. I asked him if he had withdrawn his CCP membership. He replied, "I have long since withdrawn from the CCP. If anyone has not done this yet, it would be a shame to die and be buried while still associated with the CCP. In history, when the ancient Romans persecuted the Christians, the once powerful Roman Empire was nearly extinguished due to multiple plagues. Now the CCP is going against universal principles in persecuting Falun Gong. Its fate will be the same as that of the Romans."

He continued, "In the 1960s, people were living in difficult conditions and eating in their workplace's public dining halls. During that time, 35 million people died from famine. In the same way, people have been eating a poisonous meal of CCP propaganda. The CCP controls all the newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, and other mass media. It keeps trying to brainwash the public with its lies, while we do not have any alternative means to obtain truthful information. So the public cannot form any of their own views or ideas. They can do nothing but be deceived by the CCP propaganda. Even now, there are still many people following the CCP. It is very dangerous for them and may be even worse than the famine of the 60s. Even more people may die from this poisonous meal cooked up by the CCP, because it is, in fact, more dangerous than a famine.

I asked him how he knew so much. He said, "Some people don't read the Falun Gong materials. I'm just the opposite--I'm interested whenever I come across them. I have collected quite a few materials at home, so the more I read, the more I know."

I took out two VCDs filled with information about Falun Gong, and gave them to him. He thanked me several times.