(Clearwisdom.net) Around midnight on August 7, 2008, Officer Ren Yuefeng and dozens of subordinates arrived in five police cars at the home of practitioner Mr. Ma Kaihua and surrounded it. Ren Yuefeng is the superintendent of Chu'an Police Station in Renqiu City, Hebei Province. The accompanying officers were from Chu'an Police Station, Chu'an Police Bureau, Qingta Police Station, and the Anti-Violence Command.

Ren Yuefeng and the other officers broke into Mr. Ma's home. They climbed up the chain ladder and descended on Mr. Ma, who was sleeping upstairs. They beat him ruthlessly with nightsticks and batons until he lost consciousness. They didn't stop beating him even after he lost consciousness; they took him downstairs to beat him some more. As a result, Mr. Ma fell into a dead faint, but the police still tightly handcuffed him.

Mr. Ma was examined by medical staff in the General Hospital of North China Oilfield. The examination showed that he had deep bruising, a fracture of the temporal bone, subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), severe brain contusions, soft tissue injuries, a fractured clavicle, and T9 compressed fractures. After the examination, the doctor concluded that Mr. Ma Kaihua was in critical condition.

Mr. Ma was in a dead faint for around 18 hours. His fractured clavicle still has not healed. Due to severe brain contusions, he has had difficulty eating and sleeping while often feeling very weak.

Mr. Ma is urgently in need of medical care but the police have refused to provide it. Mr. Ma has therefore turned to attorneys and sought a solution via legal means.

On January 11, 2009, over 10 police officers including Ren Yuefeng arrived in four cars to Mr. Ma Kauhua's home with the intention of arresting him again. He was not at home.

Responsible persons:

Chu'an Police Station

Officer on Duty: 86-317-3337844, 86-317-3337840

Superintendent Ren Yuefeng: 86-13930780100 (Cell), 86-13930780110

Chief of Chu'an Police Bureau Liu Jianhui (Cell): 86-13315787200 (Cell), 86-317-3337825 (Office)

Secretary of Renqiu City Politics and Law Committee Ji Xilu: 86-13703171999