Ms. Li Yanhui, who worked in a Chinese medicine hospital in Zhoukou City, Henan Province, was recently illegally sentenced to four years in the city detention center by CCP officials. Her second trial will be held soon. Ms. Li has been on a hunger strike for more than 10 days. The police have been inserting a tube into her stomach to cruelly force-feed her. She is very weak and cannot walk without leaning against the walls.

Ms. Li Yanhui is in her 40s and was an anesthetist in the Chinese medicine hospital. After she began to practice Falun Gong, she became a good person by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She worked conscientiously and was always very kind to others. Her colleagues and patients consistently praised her.

A group of police officers under Gao Feng of the CCP National Security Group, the Shanan Division of the Zhoukou City Police Department, followed Ms. Li Yanhui for nearly a month. They arrested her on August 21, 2008, at work. The hospital administrator led the police to search her house. Ms. Li's mother was so frightened by the sudden police intrusion that she fainted.

We appeal to the international community and human rights organizations to help to rescue Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Yanhui.

Zhoukou City Police Department, the Shanan Division:
Zhao Jianshe, chief: 86-394-8228222 (Office), 86-394-8223602 (Home), 86-13592223333 (Cell)
Li Fengli, political commissar: 86-394-8238222 (Office), 86-394-8122369 (Home), 86-13603949966 (Cell)
Liu Yingdong, deputy president: 86-394-8267286 (Office), 86-394-8261009 (Home), 86-13700820058 (Cell)

Zhoukou City 610 Office:
Yu Yiyun, president and director of the politics and law committee: 86-394-8269628 (Office), 86-394-8231268 (Home), 86-3703873781 (Cell)

Zhoukou City Detention Center:
Meng Xianzhang, head: 86-394-8122191 (Office), 86-394-8589266 (Home), 86-13938042679 (Cell)
Liu Guoxiang, instructor: 86-394-8680889 (Office), 86-13938098769 (Cell)
Song Haiqiang, deputy head: 86-394-8584485 (Office), 86-394-8263836 (Home), 86-13700829955 (Cell)