(Clearwisdom.net) January 26 is the first day in Year 2009 according to the lunar calendar. More than 200 practitioners in Tainan City, Taiwan, gathered in Rongyuan at National Cheng Kung University to respectfully wish revered Master a happy Chinese New Year.

At 4:50 a.m., more than 200 practitioners held group exercises, followed by experience-sharing on promoting the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) shows. The practitioners then spoke together to wish revered Master a happy Chinese New Year. One elderly practitioner read a poem to wish revered Master Happy New Year and spoke in Taiwan dialect to praise the DPA shows. During the experience sharing, many practitioners said they would become more diligent in the New Year. Below is some of the sharing.

Some practitioners mentioned a paragraph from "Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference." He came to understand that Master is using DPA shows to save more sentient beings.

After this practitioners' parents, who are in their eighties, watched the show, their illnesses recovered and they no longer needed medication. This is because DPA shows carry a good and wonderful message, which can adjust mind and body for people. This is similar to ancient times, when people used music to cure illnesses. Therefore, he took the initiative to promote the DPA shows among friends and relatives.

Another practitioner is a middle school teacher. In the past, she considered it inappropriate to promote DPA shows in school, but this year she changed her previous notion since DPA shows are world-class shows that are pure and wonderful. DPA shows also promote history, culture and virtues, therefore she took the initiative to recommend the shows to coworkers, and many of them bought tickets right away for themselves and family members. She also introduced the shows to students in class. Many of the students' parents trust their teacher, and as a result a majority of the students bought tickets.

There was one practitioner who has an everyday job, and last year went to friend's financial firm to recommend DPA shows. That friend had already made arrangements for other activities. One coworker however, overheard the information and bought a ticket for his child who was learning ballet. This year, when this practitioner went to financial firm again, he met his friend's coworker again, who said his child liked the shows very much, and thus bought tickets again. Upon hearing this, the practitioner's friend also bought tickets for himself and his child.