(Clearwisdom.net) The New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark welcomed the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) on Chinese New Year's Day. The exquisite and meaningful performance presented the audience with divinely-inspired culture of pure truthfulness, compassion, and beauty.

Audience at the DPA show in New Jersey

Newark Council President: The DPA Show Touches on Divine Themes

Newark Council President Mildred Crump

Newark Council President Mildred Crump attended the show on January 26 and noted that the show touched on divine topics and was excellent. Ms. Crump was moved by the songs even though she does not speak Chinese. She was able to read the lyrics on the background projection to understand what was being sung. In her opinion, there are no boundaries in music and she could feel the compassion in the songs, even though she doesn't speak the language.

After seeing the dance "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution," she said that seeing the Falun Gong practitioner killed because of his firm belief in Falun Gong saddened her. In the end, upon seeing that the practitioner gained eternal life and sublimation, Ms. Crump believed it conveyed a universal message.

Older Musician: The DPA Will Become a Legend

Musician Mr. Blake

Mr. Blake, a musician, had special feelings for the music in the show. He described it as graceful, beautiful, and emotional. He said that the music was clean, down-to-earth, and soul nourishing. He said it touched his heart and warmed him up. He also commented that, whether the pitch was in high or low or the tempo was fast or slow, it was always bright, peaceful, and comforting. He said the DPA's music was real music, because it conveyed beauty whether it was joyful or sad. Mr. Blake commented that the music was similar to classical music because it brings people true happiness.

Talking about classics, Mr. Blake said that, generally speaking, most classical music is played repeatedly because it is hard to create something new of that quality. He was amazed by the fact that such beautiful and exquisite programs in the DPA show were original compositions. He commented that every program of the DPA was a classic, destined to become "an eternal art treasure and legend."

Chinese Assistant CEO: The DPA Show Has Profound Inner Meaning

Mr. L, assistant CEO of Panasonic North American Division

Mr. L, assistant CEO of Panasonic North American Division, thought the performance was world class. He has seen many artistic shows, and commented that the DPA show was highly artistic, spiritual, and full of innovation. He also thought the choreography was colorful and exquisite.

Mr. L said he believed the Chinese classical dance used by the DPA was not only skillful and artistic but had much grace and subtle beauty. In his opinion, the dance truthfully reflected the characteristics and essence of traditional Chinese culture. It demonstrated the magnificent, splendid, and profound Chinese culture.

Manager from Hitachi: The Chinese Race Is Magnificent

James Marx, a division manager at Hitachi, sensed the greatness of the Chinese after the show. He explained that in so many pieces the dance, music, and brilliant and dazzling costumes projected a culture almost too perfect to believe. He also felt that the background projection was so real and vivid that he was actually in the story. The perfect overall special effects amazed him.

Mr. Marx noted that many of the pieces told stories that focused on virtues and spiritual power. The show presented many profound philosophies, such as how a kind man should conduct himself, what a harmonious society is like, and how human beings should treat one another. Mr. Marx said that he benefited a great deal from seeing the show.