Solemn Declaration

Prison guards devised a system to reduce the terms of prisoners serving long term jail time. Ten prisoners were selected and awarded points for torturing practitioners. Getting more points meant they could lessen their jail sentence. The things they did to torture practitioners were vile and disgusting: They stripped off practitioners clothes, poured cold water on them and surrounded them with electric fans; they used needles to repeatedly puncture holes practitioners' bodies; they tied practitioners' nipples with threads and forcefully pulled them down; they mixed spicy instant noodle seasonings with water and poured it into practitioners' vaginas and rectums; they injected drugs (opium) into practitioners; they abused practitioners with electric shocks; they beat and kicked practitioners. The guards would say that, "If you refuse to write the statements [renouncing Falun Gong], we will make you unable to live, nor die." Because of the evilness of this persecution, we were not able to sustain it and wrote the statements against our will. We signed our names on the statements, statements betraying Teacher and Dafa. Now we declare that: During the persecution by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), all the statements, signatures, as well as words and behaviors against Teacher and Dafa are invalid. We believe in Teacher and Dafa. We will strengthen our righteous thoughts and come back to the righteous cultivation path.

Zhou Jinli, Ma Yunhua, Shi Zhuanlin, Zhang Baoyu, Zhang Jie, Wang Hong, Ru Hongxia, Gan Guangying, Ying Zhencui, Zhang Fengzhu, Wang Li, Zhang Xianglian, Yang Lianying, Wang Yuzhi, Jie Xiuying, Han Yalan, Yang Xueqing, Sha Yulian, Zhao Xia, Han Donglan, Xu Chunxia, Geng Yanping, Xu Guifang, Zhang Yulan.

Written on Dec. 31, 2008,


Solemn Declaration

I have been persecuted multiple times since July 20, 1999, when the CCP started it's persecution. During this time, because I was very afraid and lacked righteous thoughts, I wrote the so-called guarantee statement, which not only left stains on my cultivation path, but also caused loss for Dafa. I am very ashamed to face the compassionate salvation of Teacher. Our compassionate and great Teacher does not want to leave behind any practitioner who made mistakes, and has given us opportunities again and again, telling us that we should get up immediately after we fell! With the guidance of Teacher, I was able to get over it with confidence. I'd like to declare that: During the evil persecution, all my words and actions that were against Dafa are invalid. I will work twice as hard to make up for the loss I caused to Dafa. I will continue cultivation until the end and do the three things well.

Written by Huang Lihua, Jan. 4, 2009.

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