(Clearwisdom.net) On the first anniversary of the publication of Master's video lecture "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners," practitioners in northern Sydney gathered together to watch the video again. Everyone shared their understandings afterwards and was able to come to a deeper appreciation of the Fa and raise their levels.

Practitioner A: I didn't realize that I tended to stick to my own opinions in the past. Now I know that's because I failed to have a clear understanding of Master's Fa. I always thought I was right and was inclined to criticize other practitioners, using Master's teachings [as a basis]. I now see that I should look within when faced with conflicts.

Practitioner B: while recently working on the Australia Experience Sharing Conference I came to a deep understanding of "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners." Two other practitioners and I were in charge of selecting and revising articles to be presented at the conference. We had different opinions regarding the merit of each article. In the morning we were only able to go through seven articles - with twelve still left to be reviewed. We let go of our notions in the afternoon and tried our best to work together and finished reading all 12 articles in one afternoon. Practitioners in attendance at the conclusion of the conference commented that the presented articles emphasized looking within and helped create a harmonious energy field.

Practitioner C: an elderly practitioner who has persisted with clarifying the truth in Chinatown: after watching the video, I feel ashamed. If we could all follow Master's teachings, Master shouldn't have had to give this video lecture. I study the Fa every day, yet I still fail to measure myself against the Fa when faced with conflicts. I think I have a good understanding of the Fa, but I seem to lack compassion. Now I realize that I haven't really assimilated myself into the Fa. I see my gap with other practitioners through attending Fa conferences and experience sharing meetings. I'll strive to really cultivate myself and follow Master's teachings in my everyday life.

Practitioner D: my participation in various truth-clarification projects makes me realize that looking within is the equivalent to finding one's own shortcomings. When faced with conflicts, my human notion would pop up immediately; yet, at the same time another voice tells me to look within. Soon the righteous thought takes charge and I am able to calm down and pass the test.

Of course, the fight between my human notion and righteous thoughts is fierce, and sometimes I feel it's so hard to pass the test. Then, after I pass one test, unexpectedly, another one would come soon. I also come to realize that looking within cannot be constrained to the same cultivation level. Looking within has different connotations and requirements at each level of cultivation. When we see practitioners involved in conflicts, it is important for us to see how their conflict affects our minds.

Sometimes I failed to measure myself against the Fa on small matters and I would then remind myself to constantly hold myself to the standards of the Fa. In my view, studying the Fa is just like dressing ourselves in front of a mirror. Looking at our reflection, we are able to tell if we are up to the standard. Sometimes when I utilize my 15-minute lunch break to study the Fa, I can feel the most microscopic me is shaking. That wonderful feeling is beyond words.

I am happy to see the positive changes our practitioners undergo after watching this video lecture. I feel every one of us has made improvements in cultivation. It is truly Master helping us move up. Master is creating opportunities for us to establish our mighty virtue. Dafa is really immensely powerful.

Practitioner E: speaking of the articles presented at this Fa conference, I didn't hear anything fancy, yet I felt the Conference was sacred and solemn. Every presenter talked about his/her experience of looking within. I was especially moved by one practitioner's words, "the Fa determines what you need to do; not what you want to do." I see my gaps. In the past, if I was asked to do something and I didn't want to do it, I would simply decline the request, never thinking about the Fa's requirement for me. Master asks us to be compassionate of others, but my words often lack compassion when I try to point to other practitioners' shortcomings. I tend to see other people's mistakes, but not mine.

Practitioner F, an elderly practitioner who came to Australia just a couple of years ago and had her numerous illnesses cured after practicing Dafa: I missed the Fa Conference, so I watch the video once every week. The first time I watched the video I sighed, "That's exactly the cultivation state of practitioners in Australia."

I failed to realize that I was one the practitioners Master was talking to. I had severe sickness karma recently. During the whole process Master once again saved me. I also felt fellow practitioners' care and tolerance of me. This experience lets me now see more and more of other people's strengths and merits. I no longer focus on their shortcomings.

Master said,

"I am telling everyone that no matter how uncomfortable you are, you must continue to attend this class. Once you walk into the classroom, all of your symptoms will vanish and there will not be any danger. There is one point to make to everyone: No matter how much you suffer from the "illness," I hope that you will continue to come, because it is difficult to obtain the Fa." (Zhuan Falun)

I've come to a deeper understanding of this passage of the Fa through my sickness karma. This time around I was very weak, but I still persisted in participating in the daily group exercises. I also held a thought, "No one can touch me now that I am a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple." In no more than 30 days I was able to pass this test and once again witnessed Master's compassion and Dafa's power. I realize the importance of believing Master and the Fa. Now I do everything required of Dafa practitioners. I realize we are the hope for sentient beings in our area.

Practitioner G: I feel that we should not magnify our shortcomings as they are just like wood chips during our cultivation. Our cultivated side has already been separated from us. But of course we need to know to look within. I often watch this video. I just sit there, quietly listening to Master. I found that during this process Master removed my various attachments. In the past I had very strong attachments to being competitive, and I would refute anyone who did not agree with me. Now, no matter what other people say about me, I am not moved at all.