My Seven-Month Cultivation Experience

By a practitioner in Baoding City, Hebei Province

I am a new practitioner, and I wish to share my cultivation experience with my fellow practitioners. My neighbor was growing parsley; whenever I needed parsley, I picked some, thinking it was okay to do because we are friendly with each other. One day, when I had a very sore throat, I went to a fellow practitioner's home. She asked me if I had said something I should not have said or if I had eaten something I should not have eaten. I said no to both. The following morning, I again went to pick some parsley. As soon as I arrived at the garden, my MP3 player with Teacher's lectures suddenly stopped working--I felt distracted, wondering if this was a hint from Teacher. I enlightened that I should not have taken advantage of my neighbor's friendliness by eating her vegetables, which she had labored for. How much de (virtue, white matter) would I lose if I did not pay for the food? I have to buy what I want to eat.

When I had sickness karma last winter, my legs hurt, turned black and blue, and my husband wanted me to get an examination at a hospital. I told him I had been so busy conducting business that I was behind on Fa study and exercise practice and that I would be okay once I returned to my usual routine. However, over the next few days, I became worse, badly limping, as if I were becoming crippled. I asked Teacher to help me and quietly looked within, knowing that something I was doing was not in compliance with Dafa's requirements. Then, while returning home from work, I realized that the new shoes I was wearing had labels of the evil party on them--how could I be comfortable with the labels of evil spirits under my feet? Immediately, I took the shoes off and threw them in a fire. A few days later, my legs were fine.

Thank you, compassionate Master for protecting your student. Fellow practitioners, I suggest that you carefully examine goods before purchasing anything.

Please kindly correct any errors in my sharing.

Obtaining the Fa All Over Again

By a practitioner in China

Even though I started practicing Falun Dafa at the end of 1997 when I was only 17, I was drifting for a long time, not knowing any fellow practitioners, only studying and doing the exercises by myself. I did not have a firm understanding of Dafa. In May 2008, I had my first opportunity to read the Chinese version of the Clearwisdom website. I obtained the Fa all over again, understanding what cultivation practice really is. I sincerely thank Teacher for my salvation, and I also thank fellow practitioners for making the needed Internet software available.

After learning about the three things, I was awakened, realizing that I have a mission to help save sentient beings. Therefore, with a compassionate mind I have been utilizing Internet tools to do truth clarification. I started chatting with one person and then with more people, all the way up to 30-40 people at once, using multiple sessions of the truth-clarification software. Sometimes, when trying to help too many people at once, the computer failed to work. Then, I returned to the chat-room, individually transmitting the truth-clarifying messages to more than a hundred people. The number of people grew from multiples of ten to multiples of one hundred to multiples of one thousand--all this was accomplished by Teacher strengthening me.

There is no need to say much about the difficulties that I went through--those who were blind to the truth sent reports to the chat-room administrators every day, my content was blocked every other day, people were swearing at me, and my computer was attacked with viruses. To solve all these problems, the only way was to look within myself. Now, everything is different, stabilized, and mature, and no one can block my messages. Now, wherever I go on the Internet, I can explain the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution, and I can also access Clearwisdom.

I hope that during this very last period of time, fellow practitioners can save more sentient beings.

Fellow practitioners, please kindly correct any errors in my sharing.