This is a true story in China.

In Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province, a poster showing how the Chinese Communist Party tortures Falun Gong practitioners was posted on the front gate of a local barbershop. Many people waiting inside the shop to get their hair cut were discussing it. A staff person from the local 610 Office walked by and noticed the poster. He huffed and stared at the owner of the barbershop. He then ordered the owner to tear down the poster. The owner replied, "I only care about my business and making money; I don't have time to do that." The 610 official was so angry that he almost couldn't breathe. He didn't have the courage to tear down the poster himself because he would lose face in front of everyone. He also couldn't order anyone else to do it.

At that moment, someone stepped out of the crowd and said with a smile, "You guys say you didn't do those evil things, right? Then you don't need to worry about the poster, so there's no need to tear it down."

The crowd laughed loudly and the 610 Office person was so embarrassed that he got into his car. A young man quickly tore off the poster and stuck it on the back of the official's car, shouting, "Take it home so your wife and kids can see the evil things you guys do! "