(Clearwisdom.net) It was our great fortune to begin Falun Dafa cultivation practice in October 1998. In our ten years of cultivation, we have endured severe persecution and interference because of our attachments, especially the attachment to qing, that we were not able to let go of, and which was taken advantage of by the evil. We have finally overcome it while under the protection of our compassionate and revered Master.

1. Group Fa Study and Experience Sharing

When we finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time, we thought, "If only we could have obtained the Fa earlier!" So we made use of all our spare time to study the Fa. We listened to the Fa on our way to work. We read a few paragraphs of the Fa when we woke up in the middle of the night. We listened to the Fa and studied the Fa when we were not busy at work. Sometimes we studied the Fa in our dreams. We tried our best to measure our actions against the Fa. At that time however, our understanding of the Fa was still in the perceptual stage and we still had many attachments that we were not willing to let go of. We studied the Fa with attachments. Even though this was the case, Dafa had become deeply rooted in our hearts. So when the the evil became rampant on July 20, 1999, we were not scared at all. Our whole family continued cultivating according to the form that Master established for us, which is to study the Fa, practice the exercises and share experiences collectively, and we have kept up with this from the beginning.

Many practitioners' homes were ransacked. Practitioners were forced to hand over Dafa books at that time. The assistant at our practice site told me that the police might come to my home. At first I was worried and wondered, "If the police come, shall I hand over our Dafa books?" I decided to hide all our Dafa books, but I found this was a waste of time, because I had to dig out the Dafa books every time we studied the Fa. I put them on the bookshelf in plain view, and this made it easier. My husband said, "If the police come, we just hand over one book to turn them away." I disagreed with that and became very determined. I said, "Not a single Dafa book should be handed over." Due to this determined thought, the police never came.

2. Taking Good Care of Our Little Disciple in the Family

The little disciple in our family is now 14 years old. When he was four, he could recite Lunyu from Zhuan Falun. In order to let his teacher in the kindergarten know about Dafa, he brought the book Zhuan Falun to her and asked her to check it while he was reciting Lunyu. His teacher found it miraculous and asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun to read.

In the past ten years, our whole family has continued studying the Fa every day so as to reduce the influence of the CCP poison on our little disciple at school, and continued using Fa principles to clear away any unwanted things our little disciple might pick up. We also foster his interest in studying traditional culture so that he knows exactly what to absorb and will not be easily taken in by any CCP propaganda. In order to give him a good Fa study environment, we don't let him board at school. Even now at mid-semester exams, we urge him to do the three things. He cultivates diligently. He doesn't go to sleep until he finishes sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight. He doesn't skip a single day of Fa study. He is one of the top students at school. A while ago his teacher asked him to join the CCP Youth League. He said no. When the teacher asked him why, he said there was no reason and that he just didn't want to. The teacher couldn't do anything about it. We later sent a letter to the teacher to clarify the facts of Dafa to him.

Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, the CCP has been blocking overseas websites. In the beginning we were not able to access the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net), but our compassionate Master arranged everything for us. Our little disciple had grown up overnight and became an Internet expert. He could break through the Internet blockade, download documents, type and send out documents, do minor computer maintenance, and understand web instructions both in Chinese and English. We set up a family informational materials production site. He often takes materials to practitioners and sometimes helps to solve Internet problems. He also helps practitioners use special web tools to break through the Internet blockade.

3. Helping Family Members Obtain the Fa and Clarifying the Truth to Them

When the persecution had just begun, my parents, sisters and brothers were poisoned by the CCP's propaganda and objected to our clarifying the facts. My mother was a medical graduate in her sixties. The medical profession made her very stubborn. She strongly opposed our clarifying the truth. However, after talking about Dafa to her over several years she finally obtained the Fa. After two months of practice, she recovered from periarthritis of the shoulder which she had suffered from for years. This miracle made her become more determined in her cultivation in Dafa.

Over the past ten years we continued telling our relatives and family members the facts about Falun Gong. They eventually changed their views and withdrew from the CCP. They also help to explain the true situation to others. After we learned how to clarify the facts by writing phrases on monetary bills, we immediately started participating in that project. Not only do our family members use such bills, we have also gotten our relatives to use them.

We cultivate in a noble and dignified way. Our workplaces, communities, neighbors, relatives, and friends all know that we practice Falun Gong. With Master's protection, my husband has been promoted to a leadership position. One policeman who once persecuted us met my husband the other day. He showed his deep respect for my husband and said many good things.

We will not be attached to time no matter how much time is left to saving sentient beings. What we should do now is strictly take the Fa as teacher, believe in Master and the Fa, look within unconditionally, let go of any attachments and the human heart, do the three things well, clarify the facts, and save more sentient beings.