(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Dai Congli lives in Huangtugang Town, Macheng City, Hubei Province. He was sentenced to forced labor in August 2008, and served the term in the Ninth Ward of the Shayang Farm. He has lost his eyesight and become paralyzed due to the brutal mistreatment. His term ended, but the town officials won't allow his family to pick him up, using the excuse that his family member is also practitioner. He is still being held.

Huantugang Town CCP officials:
Hong Junbo: 86-13872040336 (Cell)
Wang Jun: 86-13636084066 (Cell)
Wang Xingyong: 86-713-2703169
Deng Liangmei: 86-713-2703128
Xia Tianke: 86-713-2703128
Dai Hongyue: 86-713-2703819
Liu Jun: 86-13469935199 (Cell)
Cheng Jie: 86-13477666084 (Cell)
Huangtugang Town Police Station: 86-713-2703088