(Clearwisdom.net) There are many practitioners in my city. Many practitioners have been illegally arrested and had money extorted from them. In the run up to the Olympics last year, some thugs from the local Police Department's National Security Division took many practitioners away, interfering with our efforts to save sentient beings in the local area. After discussion, we decided to publicly expose the evildoers and their misdeeds to local residents.

In the beginning, we did not really expect to have good results. We were just thinking that it was something Dafa practitioners should do. This is what happened: Between April and May 2008, thugs went to practitioners' homes and arrested them in the name of the Olympics. Money was extorted from at least three practitioners, all of whom had been extorted in the past. The extortion totaled over 100,000 yuan. Although practitioners did have places to improve, we thought the main reason was because we had not done well enough in exposing the evildoers and their misdeeds. As a result, our loopholes were taken advantage of. Therefore, we decided to thoroughly expose them.

First we went to practitioners who had been extorted to get firsthand information. We wrote down the key elements of the persecution, including what happened, the time, location and who was involved. Still, there was insufficient information about those who persecuted practitioners, such as names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, workplace names etc. Practitioners worked together on this and some tried to find the home addresses and phone numbers of the police. Some went to take pictures of them. Some tried other channels to find the thugs' ID card numbers, home and cell phone numbers. Information about their supervisors was also collected.

Through the collective efforts of practitioners, we gathered the information needed. Although not perfect, it did expose the evildoers and the information was confirmed. By then, it was already more than 10 days after the persecution incidents took place. We started to prepare posters as well as pamphlets. We later found there was some discrepancy regarding the facts. With a sense of responsibility, we then prepared an updated version with more accurate information. Several days later, we received feedback that many updated posters had been posted. An evildoer from the local police station complained to government officials, "I told you I did not want to go to that practitioners' home [and extort money], but you insisted on me going there. Now even my home phone number is exposed, what can I do?"

The posters were even put up on the gate of the Police Department's National Security Division. The police knew they could not cover it up, so they reported it to a higher level. Several days later, we heard one evildoer was fired.

Since then, these people stopped arresting Dafa practitioners and extorting money from them. We did not do perfectly in exposing the evil, but when practitioners form one body, their righteous thoughts will disintegrate the evil and save more sentient beings. Teacher has already made arrangements to help us, and is just waiting for us to do it.

January 15, 2009