(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate to join the group of Dafa cultivators in 1998. I studied "Zhuan Falun" like a hungry child. Master cleansed my body in a month's time. Four months later I went out of town to further my studies and meet many practitioners. Their words and actions moved me, making me see my shortcomings and helped me to continuously improve my xinxing. In the past ten years of cultivation Master's lectures have often echoed in my ear, "Cultivation depends on the efforts of the individual while transforming gong is done by the master." "The entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments." (Zhuan Falun)

Relying on my firm righteous thoughts toward Master and the Fa, I progressed from confusion to maturity. Along the way there were numerous tests, but under Master's merciful care I safely escaped those scary situations every time.

Cultivation made me realize that a cultivator's each and every word and act are an opportunity to spread Dafa. Only when one cultivates well will relatives, friends, and colleagues acknowledge and accept Dafa, and more predestined people will walk onto the Dafa cultivation path.

One of my colleagues from work has been on medical leave for over three years. I went to her home many times to visit, clarify the truth, and persuade her to cultivate, but the result wasn't good. Her husband is the head of a company. She was afraid of affecting her husband's future career. Because a practitioner from my workplace was sent to a forced labor camp for clarifying the truth, she didn't understand the reason behind our truth clarification efforts.

I went home and thought how the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has slandered and fabricated lies about Dafa, which has prevented many predestined people from attaining the Fa. Perhaps she was one of the predestined people. A few months later she called me unexpectedly and said she wanted to read Dafa books. She read Zhuan Falun behind her husband's back. One day she contacted me and said her husband had taken the copy of Zhuan Falun away and wondered if I could get her another one.

I told myself that, no matter what, I would not let her husband destroy a Dafa book. I was determined to get that copy of Zhuan Falun back. With Master's arrangement I met him the next day on the street and said, "I lent that book to your wife. If you don't want her to read it, please return it to me." At the same time I told him the truth about the fabricated Tiananmen "Self-Immolation" Incident and the April 25 Incident. After he understood, he said that he had hidden the book to test his wife, to see whether she was firm in practicing Falun Gong. After that, he no longer interfered with her studying the Fa or doing the exercises. Witnessing the improvements in his wife's health and moral character, he saw Dafa's miracle and beauty.

Not only did his wife practice Dafa, but she also brought her sister-in-law, brother, and mother into Dafa cultivation as well. Once when we discussed how we had first learned about Dafa, she said, "From your words and actions I believed that Dafa was good. I also knew that you were there for my benefit. You came to my home many times to try to persuade me to cultivate. But my enlightenment quality was poor, and it took me a year to start practicing. I almost missed this opportunity that was a million years in the making."

Because her husband treated Dafa with kindness, he was rewarded with good fortune. One day this year, on the way home from on an out-of-town business trip, the car he was driving fell into a 16-meter-deep ditch. The car was totaled, but he was fine. He told me that it was our Master who saved his life. That incident made even his most stubborn daughter acclaim Dafa.

My husband became a practitioner in 2004. Later on, at my urging, my mother-in-law began as well. I cared for my mother-in-law on a daily bass and used our time together to share understandings from the Fa with her, helping her to overcome obstacles. After cultivating for a while, my illiterate mother-in-law finished reading through Zhuan Falun. She is now like a different person. Broad-minded and caring for others, she does the housework I usually did and says it is to repay her karma and return early to her true home. She is very diligent in Fa-study and doing the exercises. On holidays she refuses to accept money from us and says to use it on validating Dafa, a small gesture of her regard for Dafa. When her younger brother and younger sister came to visit she told them, "My health is good now because I practice Falun Gong. Why don't you give it a try, too?" Her two sisters began reading Dafa books, also.

A month before my daughter's national college entrance exam, a local practitioner was illegally detained in the provincial brainwashing center. When we were making efforts to rescue her, my daughter helped to write letters to different government agencies. A month later she received a very good score on the test and was accepted at an elite university. Even her teacher said she performed beyond her usual ability.

After our three-member family began cultivation, our relatives and friends saw Dafa's beauty and miracles manifest in us. The last New Year's Eve, ten family members, including my six-year-old niece, did the first four exercises together.

All my experiences have been due to Master's arrangement. Master wants us to wholeheartedly believe in him and the Fa. If we study the Fa well, understand and enlighten to the Fa on a high level, and do not hold any human attachment when offering sentient beings salvation, we will be able to do the three things well. We will be able to follow Master to return to our true home.

I wanted to share many things this time, but I chose this one topic to focus on. I sincerely wish to share with fellow practitioners. Please point out anything that's inappropriate.