(Clearwisdom.net) I am a young practitioner. It has been 14 years since I attended Teacher's lectures and started the practice of Falun Gong. At that time, I woke up very early each morning to go to the exercise site. From 1994 to 1995 I also went to the exercise site every night, but later I had Fa study at night instead of doing the exercises.

In 1997, I attended an art exhibition that recalled the five-years of Teacher teaching the Fa. At that time I was going to graduate. Many graduates were looking for jobs, and there were many tearful farewells. However I was busy preparing the art exhibition, producing paintings and arranging a conference site with practitioners. We had to forgo sleep, but I still was very happy. One night when I went to the university I saw my classmates crying because they didn't want to leave. I felt that there was a large gap between non practitioners and cultivators. I realized that nothing in life could compare to the Buddha Law and our purpose for existence was vastly different. Cultivators' every thought is on another level. Non-cultivators' emotions went from happy to sad for the most trivial matters, but nothing in the human world can affect me. We are most fortunate to obtain the Fa. It is something non-practitioners will understand.

I was really blessed in those days. Before Falun Dafa was banned, my understanding of the Fa was limited, but I knew that Falun Dafa is good. However, I did not study the Fa diligently. I enjoyed being involved in Falun Dafa activities and was very enthusiastic. I believed that cultivation was just taking part in Dafa activities. We had a lot of contact with the main Falun Dafa site, so we always had a chance to be involved in one thing or another. I became very busy and neglected studying the Fa. I had many human attachments and was not truly cultivating. Facing the persecution, as a practitioner during this difficult time, it is important to have a deep understanding of the Fa. If not, we cannot hope to make it through these treacherous times. My road was filled with bumps, as I was repeatedly arrested. Once, I faced a big tribulation, which I eventually passed with Teacher's help.

Only by Cultivating Well Can One Validate The Fa Well

From the beginning of my cultivation, I did not study the Fa diligently. But now I understand the importance of diligent Fa study. Some time ago I went to my home town as practitioners' needed some help. But, when I arrived all tasks had been taken care of. So I wasted my time.

Nothing was going smoothly at the time. I had to replace the printing head of my printer twice within six months, but the problems continued. I thought that maybe it was time to buy a new printer. The new printer developed problems the day I bought it. I also had conflicts with other practitioners. I decided I should stop, calm down and memorize the Fa. It was more than six months since I memorized Zhuan Falun for the second time. When I memorized Zhuan Falun I felt happy and my mind became clear. This time around I gained a different understanding of the Fa. This time I did not memorize the Fa mechanically, but totally merged with the Fa and memorizing the Fa was easy.

I realized that I should not stop everything while studying the Fa. I checked my new printer. This time it worked fine, although it appeared before that the problem could not be fixed. I also successfully contacted the practitioner who gave me supplies.

I looked within to find my human attachments. I used to always feel superior to others. I used to like criticizing people and controlling people. I did not realize my faults even after several conflicts. Even practitioners were unwilling to cooperate with me. I watched "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners." Teacher said that practitioners need to look within when faced with problems. I always thought I was correct and did not think of looking within. Teacher said that a cultivator must search inward unconditionally, not just on the surface. I realized that we could not cooperate well because of my attachments and that this delayed validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. I think practitioners contacted me again because many things needed to be coordinated. They had not contacted me before and now, since I began to memorize the Fa, they contacted me. I still am a long way from truly searching inward, but Teacher sees that I truly want to cultivate. Also, when I memorized the Fa, the Fa's power was revealed to me due to the purification of the dimensions around me.

During the beginning of the year, I memorized the Fa up to lecture nine. I felt in harmony with the Fa. It was a change that cannot be explained in mere words. I think in order to validate the Fa, one must have reached such a harmonious state. Then, one will walk the path arranged by Teacher.

What is to be 'in the Fa'? I think that it means to exist in harmony with the Fa. To achieve such a state can be done only by memorizing the Fa. Then, I recognized the seriousness of cultivation. If a practitioner is not in the Fa, he does not deserve to validate the Fa. Only when one studies the Fa, is in harmony with the Fa, will the power of the Fa be revealed and Teacher guide us.

Everything is for validating the Fa

Originally I had a stable, respectable job with a good income. Since the persecution I have not held a job and thus have had no steady income. But to save sentient being, clarify the truth about the spiritual practice Falun Dafa and the persecution I still needed an income. I spent little money for my everyday needs. One day, when cleaning the house I found many valuable books left behind by my parents. There was no reason to keep them. My decision was based from the Fa. I did not make the decision to sell them for selfish reasons. Because of this, the sale was very successful. I contacted a friend of my father's, who bought the books without bargaining with me. The money came in very handy. I visited this man again to thank him and took this opportunity to give him the book "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" and truth clarification materials. Soon after, he and his family withdrew from the CCP. He also told me to be careful. Many people have chosen bright futures for themselves because of my truth clarification efforts.

Last winter I was debating if I should spend money for heating. It was not cheap and would cost several thousand yuan. This money could be used for saving more sentient beings. I didn't need the heat as I was living by myself.

In Northeast China the winter is very cold. As I did not pay the heating fee, I would not have any heat during the winter. I thought that I should be able to cope with the cold. But, later I thought that my inability to pay for heating was because of the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Because of this I would have to endure the cold. I realized that this in itself is a part of the persecution. I should not acknowledge this persecution. I should not endure the cold, I should be warm. Since I had this thought, the temperature in my home was 20-22 C every day. One day when I returned home the temperature in my bedroom was 26 C. Although I did not have heat, my home was warm, I felt very comfortable. I started worrying, I was opposing the old forces' arrangements and not using it as an excuse to warm myself for personal comfort. I spoke to Teacher, "If the coldness is Teacher's arrangement I will endure it without fear; if the warmth is arranged by the old force I would rather be cold. After speaking, my room was still warm. I realized that I was not selfish as I was thinking of the Fa's requirements. This is a Dafa miracle because my thought was in line with the Fa requirements. This is my cultivation experience.

Several years ago the equipment to produce truth-clarification materials was very expensive. Conditions were terrible and practitioners felt immense pressure. Now, the condition has changed. Equipment and related printing materials are much cheaper. I think that this is because practitioners have improved. Now, if practitioners donate money for the production of printing materials, the money is not needed.

The Fa-rectification process is advancing rapidly. Cultivation time passes very fast. It has already been fourteen years since I obtained the Fa.

Thank you very much esteemed Teacher for accepting me as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple and for giving us everything in Zhuan Falun.

Some time ago I felt my life was very difficult. One day I shed tears in front of Teacher's portrait. I felt I left my original, true home far too long ago. It is time for me to return to my original, true home. Actually it is getting closer to the time that we, as genuine practitioners, return to our true home. I hope that we don't have any regrets and hope that our Teacher will be smiling at our progress.