(Clearwisdom.net) On January 4, 2009, Shanan District Police Department National Security Division leader Gao Feng, policeman Hou Hongqi, and two policewomen from Zhoukou City arrived in a police car at Falun Gong practitioner Mr. He Jinliang's home. He is a retired employee from the Zhoukou City Real Estate Bureau. They parked their car on the street and knocked on the door.

As soon as Mr. He opened the door, the police immediately pushed him into the police car. Mr. He's wife realized that her husband had not come back in and went out to check on him. The policemen pushed her into the car too.

Right then, another retired employee, Mr. Feng Zijun from the Zhoukou City Procuratorate, arrived to visit Mr. He. Feng Zijun saw the police car and that the door to the home was open, which is unusual. He realized something was wrong and attempted to leave immediately, but it was too late. The police took him away, too.

A while later, another retiree, Mr. Wang Tianyu, from Zhoukou Petroleum Company, arrived on his bike for a visit with Mr. He. He also decided to leave when he saw the strange signs. Mr. Wang circled the streets for a while before he returned home. But eight policemen, including Gao Feng and Hou Hongqi, followed him to his home. The policemen broke in and handcuffed Mr. Wang and his non-practitioner wife Ms. Wang Xiuling. Then they ransacked the home. After the search, the police undid Ms. Wang Xiuling's handcuffs and took Mr. Wang away.

Later on, officer Gao Feng led another five policemen to break into Mr. Jia's home. Mr. Jia is a retired worker from the Zhoukou City Water Conservation Department. They ransacked his home and arrested the 80-year-old Jia, taking him to the National Security Division. He was released that same day. Six others, including Feng Zijun, Wang Tianyu, He Jinliang, and Wang Aizhi, are still locked up in the Zhoukou Detention Center.

Shanan District Police Department in Zhoukou City:

Men Qingling, head: 86-13838611111 (Cell)
Liu Yingdong, deputy head: 86-394-8267286 (Office), 86-394-8261009 (Home), 86-13700820058 (Cell)
Li Wei, deputy head: 86-394-8289222 (Office), 86-394-8226086 (Home), 86-13592286086 (Cell)
Ling Yang, deputy head: 86-394-8288222 (Office), 86-394-8288999 (Home), 86-13903942222 (Cell)
Pan Zijian, deputy head: 86-394-8286686 (Office), 86-394-8275959 (Home), 86-13839439696 (Cell)
Zhang Qiang, deputy head: 86-394-8260399 (Office), 86-394-8391883 (Home), 86-13838633368 (Cell)
Wang Yu, cyber police head: 86-394-8271518, 86-13592279671 (Cell)
Zhao Baoxing, cyber police political head: 86-13592218688 (Cell)

Zhoukou City 610 Office
Yu Yiyun, Political Commissioner, head: 86-13703873781 (Cell), 86-394-8269628, 86-394-8231268
Wang Chengqing, deputy head: 86-13903946171 (Cell), 86-394-8271610, 86-394-8278788
Office: 86-394-8263610, Fax: 86-394-8263610