Learning Falun Dafa

Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I had strong attachments to fame, profit, and emotion. I was super-competitive, jealous, and selfish. If anyone interfered with my interests, I would fight with that person. This kind of disposition brought me a lot of pain, and I couldn't eat well or sleep well. When a headache surfaced, I had to lie in bed and couldn't be exposed to any light or sound. I couldn't bear the sound of the TV or someone walking on the floor. Every time, this headache lasted about two to three days. In addition, I had an amenorrhea problem, and it surfaced every two to three months. At that time, I felt that life was meaningless because nothing was turning out like I had expected.

One day when I went to visit my mother, I told her about my situation. She told me to practice Falun Gong. At that time, I didn't take it seriously. On December 29, 1998, my mother gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. On that Chinese New Years day, I wanted to know what the book was about, so I read five chapters. I couldn't believe some of what the book said, but it did provide answers to many of my questions in life. I felt very good and started to read the book every day.

On the ninth day of the Chinese New Year, my mother came and taught me how to do the exercises. After dinner as I did the standing stance, I was dizzy and nauseous and had diarrhea. My mother said it was a good thing. I kept doing it for a while and then had to lie down in bed. Just at that moment, the uncomfortable symptoms disappeared. I felt countless things moving in my body. They made me feel very comfortable, and I fell asleep.

The next day my mother and I went shopping. On the way I felt as if the wind would blow me away. My mother told me there was no wind. I realized that my body felt lighter. "Wow, what is written in the book is all true!" I thought to myself. After that I read the Fa and did the exercises every day. My xinxing was upgraded, and all my illnesses disappeared. Teacher gave me a second life.

Validating Falun Dafa with a Pure Heart

After July 20, 1999, the rumors spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were everywhere. Because I had never been to a group Fa study, I didn't know any fellow practitioners. I sincerely hoped that I could meet another practitioner. Soon I did encounter a practitioner whom I later called Big Sister. I got to know many practitioners through her. The first time I distributed information materials about Falun Gong and the persecution, from household after household, I had no fear. Instead, I had one thought in my mind, "Isn't it true that I attained the Fa for the sole purpose of validating the Fa?"

Since then I have traveled all over. I realized that my mentality was very important while distributing the materials. We are Dafa disciples, the best people in the world. What we do is for saving sentient beings. If we do it in an upright and righteous manner, everyone can accept it.

I am willing to do whatever the Fa requires of me and coordinate well with other practitioners. If it is for validating the Fa, I'll do whatever I need to and I only have one thought, "Do it well!" I seldom write anything, but one time I created a 10-meter-long banner, and my calligraphy was very neat and beautiful. We hung the banner from the top of a tree, and I climbed up in the tree to hang it. Afterward, I realized that I had climbed very high. I shivered and did not dare to look down.

I always come straight to the point and never beat around the bush when I am clarifying the facts. Once I spent six money bills that had phrases clarifying the facts written on them. The shop owner said, "You are a Falun Gong practitioner." I said with a smile, "It will guarantee you a safe future if you quit the CCP. Have you ever renounced it? It will take effect if you write your alias on the back of the bill." He asked me, "Do you have more bills like this? I'll exchange with you." I told him that was great.

Fellow practitioners have said that I am simple. I think that it is this simplicity that has allowed me to do things wholeheartedly.

I sit upright and straight when I send forth righteous thoughts. I think we need to be images of a Buddhas, Taos, or Gods.

The above is only my superficial understanding. In the process of letting go of my attachments, I have staggered along. It is great Master who didn't give up on me and made it possible for me to cultivate to this day. Words can't convey my heartfelt gratitude toward Teacher. I can only express it by letting go of all attachments and striving forward ever more diligently.