(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in my 50s. Ever since beginning cultivation in 1996 I have cultivated with my third eye open. I'd like to share my experiences of dealing with tribulations using righteous thoughts.

In mid-July 2006 I rode my motorcycle home with over 36,000 yuan in cash in my bag when two young men on a motorcycle suddenly brushed against me. The two robbers cut the straps of my bag, snatched it, and fled on their motorcycle. My motorcycle fell and I hit the ground. I said, "Falun Dafa is good" right away and sent this thought, "You can't take away my things. Let my bag fall off." Miraculously, I actually saw my bag fall to the ground. I wanted to go get it, but my legs were still under the motorcycle. I was thinking that I must recover my bag. This thought enabled me to push my motorcycle aside with my hands and free my legs. My motorcycle was leaking fuel, but I denied it with my righteous thoughts, by thinking, "That motorcycle leaking fuel is not mine!" I retrieved my bag and hopped on my motorcycle, which was no longer leaking fuel. This incident showed the power of righteous thoughts.

On September 17, 2008, just after sending righteous thoughts at noon, I suddenly felt an abnormal heartbeat and unusual headache. I also had a high fever. The next day I couldn't move. Even a tiny movement caused excruciating pain. My head was swollen and hurting, and I had difficulty breathing, as if my blood vessels had clotted. My heart was pounding rapidly, as if it was going to stop beating.

I told myself that the old forces were not worthy of persecuting me. Now looking back, I realize I experienced the whole thing because of my human notions. I had planned to sleep well after the exercises and could not enter tranquility during meditation on September 17.

On September 17-19 I had a high fever and was in a coma, yet my main consciousness was clear. Those several days my main consciousness went to other dimensions and visited many places. The scenes I saw were wonderful--beyond words. All the trees, grass, and flowers were golden. I saw a spaceship traveling at high speed. It could dive into water and dig into the ground. The spaceship took me to see many worlds, each with its own lord. Those worlds appeared peaceful and serene. Had I not retained a clear main consciousness, my physical body would have died. I asked where my sentient beings were. Soon they came out of a world, all donning cotton-padded coats. I said, "I must go back. I still have many sentient beings waiting for me to save them. I must go back. The old forces want to take advantage of my loopholes, and I will never let them."

Then I saw a car approaching me. I thought to myself, "Where is the car going to take me?" The car was moving faster and faster, and I began reciting Master's poem "Eliminating Evil" from

Hong Yin Vol. II:

"A hundred thousand miles
this vehicle travels
Racing to slay evil,
brandishing swords
The hand, erect,
props up the falling sky
Fa-rectification averts the brewing tragedy"

My main consciousness then returned. I heard the phone ring. When I got up to answer the call, I realized that three days had passed. I needed a good bath. Then four practitioners came to visit me, and they sent righteous thoughts for me. I was still weak, but soon I became much more clearheaded.

Now, reflecting on my ordeal, I see I had many omissions. One was that I always had a fear of seeing things in other dimensions. I didn't want to be interfered with. Another attachment was seeking comfort. The old forces took advantage of these two omissions and wanted me to follow their arrangements. When I was in coma due to the high fever, they had me enter other dimensions and see wonderful scenes. Their plot was to have me remain in other dimensions and thus take away my physical body. However, I've come to realize that no one and nothing can move us if we have strong righteous thoughts.