(Clearwisdom.net) On Jan. 14, 2009, the third and final presentation of Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese New Year Show at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino was packed, just as in the previous two shows. Around two thousand people from all walks of life in Silicon Valley marveled at the traditional Chinese cultural show. All tickets to the show were sold out.

Cupertino is located in the center of Silicon Valley. One third of the city's population is Chinese. More than half of the audience that night was Chinese. Among the audience were professors, dancers, writers, etc. of different ethnic backgrounds.






The audience of the third DPA show in Cupertino

Professional dancer Mr. James Zimmerman has thirty-four years of experience in classical dance. He has performed in Russia, Germany, Australia and many other countries. He couldn't hide his excitement after watching the DPA show. He said he had never seen such an outstanding production. It was a perfect combination of background, live orchestra and dance. It was incredible and one of a kind. The high quality of the dancers was hard to believe.

Mr. James Zimmerman

Mr. Zimmerman said the level of difficulty of the dance techniques was incredible. You must be a master to do it well. The superb quality of the dancers was hard to believe! No matter how hard the dances were, they did it easily and smoothly. Mr. Zimmerman gave the DPA dancers the highest praise. He said every dance of DPA had reached the highest level. He was so excited that he wanted to stand up from his seat and dance with them on stage!

Writer Ms. Jane Beckman

Ms. Jane Beckman, a writer, wore her traditional Chinese dress to the show. She was completely stunned by the magnificent scene when the curtain was raised. She said she had never seen such a magnificent show. It was superb! Jane sang high praise of the singers of DPA. She often goes to opera. What she heard was superb, as if in the best opera! The singers had great talent!

She was moved to tears by the story about the persecution of Falun Gong. She had heard a lot about the persecution and said, "It must not continue any more!"

The father of renowned writer Ms. Wu Yimao is one of the most well-known dissidents in China. The experience of Falun Gong practitioners reminded her of a similar experience in her childhood, "I couldn't help crying on seeing 'Persecuted on a Sacred Path,' because when I was a child, Red Guards searched my home, confiscated our property and took away my father. I was like the girl in the dance. I pulled and cried, "Daddy, don't leave!" Ms. Wu sobbed. She thanked DPA for reviving the classical Chinese culture, "I am saddened the persecutions of dozens of years ago are happening against Falun Gong practitioners now. I thank the DPA for showing the beauty of traditional Chinese culture, especially for introducing the Chinese culture and exposing the persecution to mainstream society!"

Writer Ms. Zhang Ci felt the tranquility of Chinese traditions through the DPA show. "People with faith are different! Their dances are peaceful. They don't have the uproar of the Chinese New Year Galas in Mainland China. They doen't extol anything and make you uncomfortable. The tranquility of Chinese culture was fully expressed by the DPA. I thank them! I really hope the show will be on stage in Mainland China because it is part of the Chinese culture. I hope for that day! I believe that day will come!"

Mr. Liu, originally from Shanxi Province of China, teaches comparative literature at a university. He said, "I felt a lot of energy while watching the show. The dances and music are beautiful! The background is even more splendid! It is a surprising masterpiece!"

Professor Du and her husband

Professor Jenny Du of San Jose State University is originally from Beijing. She said the show was great! Some programs were very creative! She singled out the great dance based on the Monkey King story and the beauty of Chinese costumes blended in the dance.

Mr. Tao, a young man who came to the U.S. from Shandong Province a year ago, was touched by the DPA show. He said, "I wish I was one of them! Even if I could be appear in a group, even if nobody would see me on stage, I would still be so proud to be in this group!"